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Release Date: September 2001
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Part I Empirical Approaches

1 Spirituality and Religiosity in Catholic and Coptic Orthodox
Schools: Implications for Religious School Communities
Marian de Souza

2 “And What Do the Children Say?" Children's Responses to Books About Spiritual Matters
Ann Trousdale

3 North American Indian Spirituality in the World of Western Children: (Neo-)Colonialism in a Post-Colonial Society
Christina Welch

4 Issues of Identity for “Asian" Girls in Britain
Jane Erricker

Part II Literary Approaches

5 Play as a Means of Grace in Religious Education
Jerome Berryman

6 Spirituality in Young Adolescents: Thinking Developmentally
Daniel Scott

7 The Spiritual and the Fantastical – George MacDonald's "Wise Woman"
John Pridmore

8 Faith and Social Intimacy: Learning for Life
Joyce Bellous

9 How Metaphors Structure Our Spiritual Understanding Mark Halstead 10 The Chinese Approach to Learning: The Paradigmatic Case of Chinese Calligraphy
Wong Ping Ho

Part III Pedagogical Approaches

11 Encountering Tradition in a Postmodern Context
David Tacey

12 Reading and Responding to Biblical Texts: Aesthetic Distance and the Spiritual Journey
Mark Pike

13 The Spiritual Dimension of the Curriculum: What are school inspectors looking for and how can we help them find it? Jack Priestley 14 Teachers' Values and Spiritualities: From Private to Public
Mark Chater

15 Faith Education of Children in the Context of Adult Migration and Conversion: The Discontinuities of Tradition
Clive Erricker

16 Metaphors of Spiritual Education: Fight and Blessing
Maria Azevedo and Helena Gil Costa

The Contributors


An excellent resource for academics and spiritual directors… Recommended.

An important contribution to the discussion of spiritual development.
International Journal of Children’s Spirituality

The spirituality of children is completely ignored in most classrooms. This is a fundamental oversight in education today, and our children are less than they could be because of that oversight.
The Journal of Psychology and Theology

An important resource for faculty and students.
Religious Studies Review

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