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Spirituality and Society in the New Millennium


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At the beginning of the third millennium concepts of spirituality are undergoing rapid transformation. While still closely connected to Christian values and beliefs, they are now also applied cross-culturally and used in interfaith and secular contexts. Voices around the globe affirm the urgent need for greater spiritual well-being, yet it is not clear how this can best be achieved or even what it means. The development of a wholesome spirituality relating to profound personal and social transformations may well be the most urgent task humanity has to address today.

In this book leading scholars of theology and religion explore the complex dynamics of different spiritual beliefs and practices and their effects on contemporary society:

Tradition and Change: Critical perspectives, drawn from the humanities and social sciences, are here applied to Christian spirituality. Searching questions are asked about the extent to which Christianity has the resources the meet the spiritual challenges of western society in the new millennium.

Health and Education: Essays explore the contemporary “turn to life” in religions; the biological basis of spiritual awareness; spirituality and healing in a scientific age; the spiritual development of children in schools, and that of students in higher education.

Culture and Politics: The growing diversity of postmodern approaches to spirituality in contemporary culture is often linked to the quest for an integrated and socially-conscious spirituality. This presents a challenge to the religious status quo, but also attests to the persistence of the human quest for spiritual relevance and authenticity

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Release Date: May 2001
Page Extent / Format: 292 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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List of Contributors

1 Introduction: Spirituality, Society, and the Millennium – Wasteland, Wilderness, or New Vision?
Ursula King

Part I Spirituality, Tradition and Change

2 Interpreting Texts and Traditions
Philip Sheldrake

3 Female Godlanguage in Christian Spirituality
Kari Elisabeth Børresen

4 The Body as Meditative Locus in the Revelations of Julian of Norwich
Kevin J. Magill

5 Spirituality, Sexuality and Embodiment
Janet K. Ruffing

6 From Transgression to Transformation: The Creative Potential of Gay Spiritualities for the New Millennium
Sean Gill

7 Masculine Spirituality and Addiction: A Personal Journey
James B. Nelson

Part II Spirituality, Health and Education
The Turn to Life in Contemporary Religion and Spirituality
Linda Woodhead

9 The Biological Basis of Spiritual Awareness
David Hay

10 Spirituality and Healing in a Scientific Age
Diane Treacy-Cole

11 Spiritual Development: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?
Martin Ashley

12 Learning to Live: Spiritual Development in Higher Education
Shirley Egley

Part III Spirituality, Culture and Politics
13 "Everything that Rises must Converge": Some Ideas for an Ethical Spirituality and a Spiritually-Enriched Ethic
Martin Prozesky

14 Praxis Prior to Doctrine: New Models of Relationship in Contemporary Spirituality
Dominic Corrywright

15 From Tree to Rhizome: Pagan Spirituality, Science and Resistance in the New Millennium Dave Green

16 Liberating Palestinian Theology – the Need for a Contextual Spirituality
Judith G. Martin

17 The Face of God in Every Generation: Jewish Feminist Spirituality and the Legend of the
Thirty-Six Hidden Saints
Melissa Raphael

18 Etty Hillesum: A Thinking Heart in a Darkened World
Tina Beattie

Mind, Body, Spirit – the New Millennial Age?
Rosemary Hartill


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