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Christian Theology
The Spiritual Tradition

In the series:
Religious Beliefs & Practices

John Glyndwr Harris

Author text to follow

Theology and spirituality The active understanding of theology and spirituality in relation to the Christian life of prayer, devotion, worship and celebration.
After the apostles The establishment of a tradition with reference to the writings of the Church Fathers.
The orthodox tradition The development of orthodox doctrine and practices illustrated from the Coptic and Armenian Fathers, and the Greek and Russian tradition.
The Middle Ages The works of Bernard, Catherine of Sienna, Thomas a Kempis, and Thomas Aquinas; mediaeval movements of spirituality – the Benedictines, Franciscans.
The Protestant tradition Protestant theology from the works of Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. The contribution of hymnology, music and scripture. The Counter Reformation. The spread of Jesuitism and Gregorian spirituality.
The Evangelical revival The theology of the 18th century. The Quaker and Puritan contributions. Spiritual perspectives in Christian poetry and music across Europe.
Nineteenth-century perspectives The growth of the Salvation Army and movements of social reform. Victorian moralists, preachers and reformers of applied theology/spiritual development.
Contemporary theology and spirituality The ecumenical movement, liberation theology. The concept of world embracing spirituality, political wholeness, revolutionary spirituality. New spiritual movements and communities; the spirituality of poetry and literature.

Foreword by Professor D. Byron Evans
Foreword by Professor Paul Ballard
Preface and Acknowledgements

1 Christian Theology and Spirituality
What is theology?
What is spirituality?
The norms of Christian theology
The Holy Spirit
The process of spirituality
Prayer and spirituality
Worship, liturgy and sacrament
Spirituality and holiness
Spirituality and Church

2 After the Apostles
From Athens to Jerusalem
Steps to truth
The faith of Chalcedon
The roots of morality
Christian identity
Perspectives of Patristic theology and spirituality
Revelation in Christ
The resurrection of Christ
The immanent Spirit
The Community of the Spirit
The vision of love
The model of prayer
Empowering the Church
Spirituality and worship
Spirituality and sacraments
The Christian life

3 Eastern Christendom
The way of the desert
A monastic church
The Cappadocian Fathers
Holy Tradition
Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
Patterns of spirituality
The liturgy
Holy Unction
Spiritual guides

4 Christianity in the West
Papacy, authority, theology and spirituality
Gregory the Great
Gregory VII (Hildebrand)
Monasticism in the west
Gregory of Tours and Benedict of Nursia
Celitic monasticism
The Cistercian Order
Bernard of Clairvaux
Waldensian deviance
The Friars
Mysticism and the love of God
Meister Eckhart
Julian of Norwich
Scholars, theology and spirituality
Peter Abelard
Thomas Aquinas
Theology, the arts and spirituality
Poetry and drama
Art and architecture

5 The Age of Reform
Catalysts of reform
The new learning
Devotio Moderna
The Luther affair
The just shall live by faith
The authority of scripture
Priesthood and sacraments
Worship and liturgy
Brothers of the Reformation
The crown rights of conscience
Covenant and election
The fellowship of the holy
Spiritual vision and recovery
Spiritual pilgrimage and the flame of love
English spirituality
Steps in reform
Defender of the faith

6 From Reformation to Romanticism
Consolidation and fragmentation
Richard Baxter
John Milton
John Bunyan
The Quakers
Theology and rationalism
Biblical criticism
Free will and determinism
Natural and revealed religion
A way of holiness
A new birth
The evangelical revival
Spiritual outreach
Abolition of slavery
Missionary expansion
Spirituality, literature and music

7 The Victorian Era
Theology of consciousness
The Church of England
Spirituality and sacramentalism
Christian socialism
Frederick Denison Maurice (1805–72)
Edward Irving
Proclaiming the gospel
Joseph Parker
Charles Hadden Spurgeon
Social revival
The Salvation Army
The arts and spirituality

8 The Contemporary World
Ecumenical theology and spirituality
Ecumenical mission
Churches together
Global spirituality
Spiritual liberation
African spirituality
Asain spirituality
Theological foundations
Absolute idealism
The new theology
The “New Thought”
Reverence for life
Theology of the Word
Mythology reviewed
The “depth of existence”
Religionless Christianity
Pilgrim of the future
Waiting on God
Spiritual guides
Thomas Merton
Teresa of Calcutta
Basil Hume
Guidance in prayer
Communities of spirituality
Theology and spiritual issues
Science and spirituality
Spirituality and the environment
Spirituality and the arts

The Seven Ecumenical Councils, 325–787

Select Bibliography
Index of Names
Index of Subjects

“Dr Harris brings to his task a long a rich career in theology and education. There is immense learning and great erudition. A welcome introduction to the heart of Christian believing and its story from the emergence of the New Testament and early Christian thought to the ecumenical diversity of the world Church as it enters in the new millennium.” Paul Ballard, Cardiff University


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September 2001
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