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Liam Gearon is Director of the Centre for Research in Human Rights, University of Surrey Roehampton. He is the author and editor of many books, including A Modern Martyr: The Story of Oscar Romero; Pope John Paul II; and English Literature, Theology and the Curriculum.

“The volume is clearly designed as a teaching aid. It offers generous editorial introductions to each section, copious bibliographies, lists of relevant websites, boxes illustrating important case material, key words at the head of each chapter…It would probably be of greatest interest to students in Religious Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Law and the Sociology of Religion, but practitioners in human rights organisations would also find it useful as a work of reference. This is an authoritative and exceptionally wide-ranging collection that deserves a place in every library.”
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

“This is a valuable collection of recent theory and current practice in the field of human rights and religion. Almost all the contributions are good; many are outstanding. It contains important source materials for A-level students and undergraduates in philosophy, social ethics and religious studies and will be a significant resource for teachers in these fields. The collection is well structured and the Editor's general and sectional introductions contribute significantly to the accessibility of the material.”
British Journal of Religious Education

“Guided by a vision of the importance of collaboration between academic inquiry and human rights praxis, Dr. Liam Gearon has designed this model anthology for courses and reflection on persistent and emerging human rights issues that foreground tensions between the universality of human rights norms and the particularity of many religious traditions and their respective norms for human behavior.”
From the Foreword by Sumner B. Twiss, Distinguished Professor of Human Rights, Ethics, and Religion, Florida State University; Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, Brown University

“This timely publication contains excellent resources for information, debate and further study, and can be drawn upon with much benefit by students, researchers and anyone passionately interested in and committed to the advancement of human rights. A valuable contribution to current human rights debates, this book deserves to be widely used and consulted.”
Professor Ursula King, University of Bristol

“Writings in Human Rights & Religion illuminate, from disparate perspectives, the sometimes harmonious but often contentious contribution that religious thought and practice offer to human rights. By bringing together authors from a broad spectrum of thought, the book and the editor add considerably to the intellectual climate surrounding the promotion and protection of human rights.”
Dr Rita Maran, University of California at Berkeley

“This remarkable anthology provides a comprehensive and informed exploration of the issues surrounding human rights and religion. The selection of texts is perfect; and the commentary is intelligent and informed. I have no doubt that this will become the standard text in this area for many years to come. I cannot recommend it more highly.”
Ian Markham, Dean of Hartford Seminary and Professor of Theology and Ethics

“Discussion of generic issues concerning human rights, cultural and religious traditions of world faiths, and the presentation of regional case studies of religious persecution… Human Rights & Religion provides a welcome and substantial contribution to the post-September 11 world.”
Craig Lind, School of Law, University of Sussex

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-902210-94-0
Hardback Price: £55.00 / $69.95
Release Date: November 2002
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-902210-95-7
Paperback Price: £19.95 / $29.95
Release Date: November 2002
Page Extent / Format: 416 pp. / 246 x 171 mm
Illustrated: No


Foreword by Sumner B. Twiss

General Introduction
Liam Gearon

Part I Generic Issues

1 Religion
Jeff Haynes

2 The United Nations
Stephen Ryan

3 Religion and International Human Rights
Nathan Lerner

Part II Cultural and Religious Traditions

Judaism, Christianity and Islam
4 Anti-Semitism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Jocelyn Hellig

5 Theology and Human Rights
Charles Villa-Vincencio

6 Islam and Human Rights: Tradition and Politics
Ann Elizabeth Mayer

7 Islam, Governance and Democracy
Manochehr Dorraj

Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism
8 A Constructive Framework for Discussing Confucianism and Human Rights
Sumner Twiss

9 Are There Human Rights in Buddhism?
Damien V. Keown

10 Religious Freedom and Human Rights in India
C. Joseph Barnabas

11 Gandhi's Philosophy
Carrie Gustafson

Minority and Indigenous Traditions
12 Returning to my Roots: African "Religions" and the State
Makau Mutua

Part III Regional Case Studies: Human Rights Watch and Survival


13 Muslim–Christian Conflict in Sudan
Human Rights Watch

14 Afghanistan
Human Rights Watch

15 China: The State Control of Religion
Human Rights Watch

16 Politics by Other Means: Attacks on Christians in India
Human Rights Watch

17 "We Have No Orders to Save You": Hindu–Muslim Violence in India
Human Rights Watch

18 Orthodox Christian Intolerance in Georgia
Human Rights Watch

Middle East
19 Israel and the Palestinian Authority Territories
Human Rights Watch

Indigenous Traditions in Africa, Australia and the Americas
20 Indigenous and Minority Traditions: Case Studies from Survival

Twa in Rwanda
People of the Niger Delta
"Pygmies" of Central Africa
Bushmen in Southern Africa

Aborigines in Australia<

The Americas
Indians in Amazonia
Indians in North America
Innu in Canada

Part IV Global Prospects


21 Religious Freedom
Paul Marshall

22 International Justice and Just War Theory
Tony Coates

23 The Proliferation of Rights: Moral Progress or Empty Rhetoric?
Carl Wellman

Appendix: International Documents and Further Reading/Research
General Index
Index of Articles, Charters and Conventions

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