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An Introduction for Students

Jeaneane Fowler was formerly Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Newport, and later an Honorary Research Fellow. Her publications include Hinduism: Beliefs and Practices (Choice Outstanding title, 1997); Humanism; and Perspectives of Reality –an introduction to the philosophy of Hinduism.Merv Fowler recently retired as the Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Newport. He has studied in the Middle East and published in the US, Canada, Germany, India and UK. An accomplished writer and storyteller, the author has written for the media and had his works broadcast by the BBC.

This book provides an accessible introduction to the world religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Emphasis is placed on the living religion, and the whole work is designed as a first-level introduction for those who have little or no previous knowledge of these six religions.

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-898723-48-6
Hardback Price: £45.00 / $65
Release Date: September 1997
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898723-49-3
Paperback Price: £19.95 / $29.95
Release Date: September 2000
Page Extent / Format: 448 pp. / 246 x 171 mm
Illustrated: No


Foreword by Clive Erricker
Preface and Acknowledgments


1. Judaism by Merv Fowler
Jewish Identity
Jewish Sects
Jewish Beliefs
Religious Dress
The mezuzah
Jewish Scriptures
Family Life
Jewish Symbols

2. Christianity by Nora Hill and Diane Watkins
Introduction: The Faith
The Bible
Jesus of Nazareth
Paul and the Very Early Church
The Early Church
The Reformation
Counter Reformation
The Enlightenment
The Evangelical Revival
Roman Catholicism
The Anglican Church
The Methodist Church
The Baptists
The Eastern Orthodox Church
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
Jehovah's Witnesses
The Church of Christ, Scientist

3. Islam by David Norcliffe
What is Islam?
The Life of Muhammad
The Qur'an
The Shari'ah
The Five Pillars of Islam
The Mosque
Family Life
Muslims in the World Today

4. Hinduism by Jeaneane Fowler
What is Hinduism?
The Concept of the Divine
The Hindu Concept of the Self
Hindu Scriptures
Worship in the Home and Temple
Life-cycle Rites in the Hindu Family
Food and Dress
Hindu Festivals
Yatra: Pilgrimage

5. Buddhism by Jeaneane Fowler
What is Buddhism?
The Life of the Buddha
The Teaching of the Buddha
Buddhist Traditions: The Hinayana and Mahayana
Theravada Buddhism
Mahayana Buddhism
Zen Buddhism
Pure Land Buddhism
Shingon Buddhism
Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism
Buddhist Ceremonies and Life-cycle Rites
Buddhist Festivals

6. Sikhism by Merv Fowler
Who is a Sikh? Guru Nanak and the Foundation of Sikhism
The Tradition of the Guru
Sikh Symbols
Sacred Buildings
Sikh worship: Diwan
Language and Scriptures
The Teachings of Sikhism
Sikh Ceremonies
Sikh Food
Sikh Dress



Recommended for general readers, and lower division undergraduate students… Provides foundational material for those approaching the subject for the first time.

A wonderful book which I would recommend for all college studies in World Religions.
Dr. Gabriel Muteru, Dowling College, Long Island, New York

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