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Theatre and Holy Script


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The interrelationships between myth, religion, and theatre are explored by investigating the unique treatment of theatricality, ritual and performance in the Holy Scriptures, and in other sacred traditions. Traditional Jewish Halachic oppositions towards theatre are discussed, as well as the way theatre was harnessed to promote Christian values.

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-898723-53-0
Hardback Price: £45.00 / $65.00
Release Date: April 1999
Page Extent / Format: 272 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
Illustrated: No


Preface and Acknowledgments

Shimon Levy

The Essays
1 Holy Space and Representational Place in the Tenth Century
Michal Kobialka

"Action is Literal": Ritual Typology and "Ritual Arts"
Irina Rudakova

3 Are the Rock Carvings of the North the First Sources of Theatre in Europe?
Jon Nygaard

4 Strategies of the Heterogeneous in Ritual and Performance: Mallarmé's "Livre" or the Rite of the Book
Helga Finter

5 The Sacramental Aesthetics on Stage: The Cathedral Plays of Dorothy L. Sayers
Mary A. Donahoe

6 The Son of the Dove and the Jewish Waiter
Yehuda Moraly

7 "Born Losers Comparing Notes" – Bible Quotation and Drama Construction in George
Tabori's Plays
Hans-Peter Bayerdörfer

8 The Liturgical Theatre of the Holocaust on the Israeli Stage – Holy Scripture, Myth, Ritual
Gad Kaynar

9 Religious Theatre in a Totalitarian Atheistic State: The Polish Experience
Kazimierz Braun

10 Dziady: A Mystery Play in the Modern Polish Theatre
Ewa Wchocka

11 A Divinity which Shapes Our Ends: Greek Comedy in a Secular Age
J. Michael Walton

Thespis and Moses: The Jews and the Ancient Greek Theatre
Katharine B. Free

13 Secular Rites in Jules Dassin's Film A Dream of Passion
Hadassa Shannie

Secular Definitions of 'Ritual': The Rocky Horror Phenomenon
Susan Purdie

15 Sermons in Stones
Robert Cheesmond

16 Masks and Disguises as an Expression of Anarchy in the Jewish Festival Theatre
Ahuva Belkin

17 Political Assassination, Sacrifice and Theatrical Re-enactment in Julius Caesar
Hanna Scolnicov

18 "Our teachers break our hearts": Bruria, Theatre Company of Jerusalem
Dan Urian

19 Myth and the Drama of the Soul
Andrew Kennedy


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