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Race, Sex, and Gender in Contemporary Women's Theatre
The Construction of “Woman”

Mary F. Brewer

Author text to follow


“With a shrewd grasp of theory and a comprehensive knowledge of British and American plays, Mary Brewer homes in on controversial issues among women – pornography, rape, mothering, domesticity and work, and debates about the butch/fem model and gender-bending among lesbians.” From the Foreword by Alan Sinfield, Professor of Literature, University of Sussex

Foreword by Alan Sinfield

Women and Representation
Contemporary Women’s Theatre: The Plays
Feminist Constructions of Difference
Defining Race

1: Representations of Motherhood
And Who Would Call Her Mother?: Carers Without Control
Courts of Flaw: Representations of Lesbians and the Rights of Lesbian Mothers
Fortunes at Low Tide
The Politics of Lesbian Motherhood: Strategies for Resistance
Conformity or Rebellion: Lesbian Families at Risk

2: Other Mothers
The Sex–gender/Race–gender System
Black Women and the Race: “Lifting as We Climb”
Re-constructing the “Chitlin-Circuit”: Race, Representation, and Other Mothers

3: Friedan’s Daughters: Representations of “Woman” at Work
The Return of the Happy Housewife: Feminists Re-forming “Woman”
Resurrecting the Cult of Domesticity
Who’s On Top? White Women, Work, and the Family
Power Feminism: The Genderquake
Working Across the Racial Divide: Imitating Anita

4: “Woman” as Object

Universal “Woman”: The Trojan Horse of Feminism
Colorizing Joan of Arc: Racialized Femininity and the Politics of Appearance
The Pornography of Representation: Sex, Gender, Race, and Rape
Black Women and the Sexual Politics of Rape

5: “Woman” as Subject: Negotiating Multiple Identities

A Movement Out of Step With Itself
Women on the Borders of “Womanhood”: Negotiating Race, Sex, and Gender(s)
Difference: What Makes a House a Home
Learning to Dance as Sisters

6: Infiltrating “Woman”: Butch/Fem Lesbian Subjectivity
Woman as Discursive Subject
The Butch/Fem Debate
Signs and Seduction
Butch, Fem, and the Mask of Womanliness
Performing Gender(s)

Conclusion: Toward a Progressive Feminist Politics – A House of Difference


Reviews to follow


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October 1999
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