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Theatre, Drama & Cinema Titles


Theatre studies titles challenge notions and perceptions of historical and contemporary theatre, with an emphasis on upper-level graduate readership.

Analyzing Drama
James R. Russo

The Bible as Theatre
Shimon Levy

The Charismatic Chameleon
Leslie O’Dell

Child Actors on the London Stage, circa 1600
Julie Ackroyd

Eli Rozik

The Drama of the Rite
Roger Grainger

Dream Projects in Theatre, Novels and Films
Yehuda Moraly

Experimental Shakespeare
Eli Rozik

The Fictional Arts
Eli Rozik

Fictional Thinking
Eli Rozik

Future Theatre Research
Eli Rozik

Generating Theatre Meaning
Eli Rozik

Here, There and Everywhere
Shimon Levy

Inter-Art Journey
Edited by Nurit Yaari

Life Behind the Mask
Didier Mouturat

Jacques Rivette and French New Wave Cinema
James R. Russo

Jewish Drama and Theatre
Eli Rozik

A New Poetics of Chekhov’s Plays
Harai Golomb

The Open Space
Roger Grainger

Poetics, Politics and Protest in Arab Theatre
Mas’ud Hamdan

Race, Sex, and Gender in Contemporary Women’s Theatre
Mary F. Brewer

The Regal Throne
Nicholas Dobson

Revolution in Paradise
Yehuda Moraly

Samuel Beckett’s Self-Referential Drama
Shimon Levy

Supernatural Fiction in Early Modern Drama and Culture
Ryan Curtis Friesen

Suspending Disbelief
Roger Grainger

Theatre and Holy Script
Edited by Shimon Levy

Theatre Sciences
Eli Rozik

Understanding Film
James R. Russo

Victims, Perpetrators and Professionals
Tingting Hu