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Inter-Art Journey

Exploring the Common Grounds of the Arts
Studies in Honor of Eli Rozik

Nurit Yaari is Professor of Theatre Studies at the Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of Arts, Tel Aviv University, Israel. She has authored French Contemporary Theatre 1960–1992 (1994) and Le Thèâtre de Hanokh Levin: Ensemble à l'ombre des canons (2008) and edited On Interpretation in the Arts (2000), and two books on Israeli prominent playwrights-directors The Man with the Myth in the Middle: The Theatre of Hanoch Levin (with Shimon Levy, 2004) and On Kings, Gypsies and Performers: The Theatre of Nissim Aloni (2006). She has published widely Ancient Greek tragedy and its reception in the 20th century theatre.

In recent years, inter-medial studies have attracted increasing attention in arts theory. The notion of ‘inter-mediality’ presupposes that each established art – such as theatre, painting, and cinema – indicates the existence of a particular medium, which preserves its distinct features in translations from art to art and, especially, in its combinations with others in single works. Nonetheless, this field of research is presupposed already in the traditional studies of ‘ekphrasis’, which focus on the verbal accounts of nonverbal works of art; and in Wagner's notion of Gesamtkuntswerk.

This renewed interest generated new fields of research, such as (a) the likelihood of the arts reflecting common grounds; (b) the necessity of a shared metalanguage; (b) the possibility of inter-medial translation; and (d) the inter-medial coexistence within a single work of art, without hindering the reading, interpreting and experiencing abilities of receivers.

In honor of Eli Rozik, Ph.D., professor emeritus, former head of the Department of Theatre Studies, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Tel Aviv University, this collection provides overviews of all these theoretical issues, and tackles the contemporary practical questions that arise from attempts to transgress the boundaries between the established disciplines of arts studies. Considering first the theoretical aspects of inter-art, inter-mediality, and nonverbal literacy, Exploring the Common Grounds of the Arts goes on to discuss, by means of performance analysis, dialogues between the arts within a single work, and correspondences between visual and auditory stimuli in musical contexts. It concludes with a discussion of practical examples of inter-mediality in religious representations, official processions, and public performances.

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Release Date: June 2015
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List of Contributors
Gad Kaynar, For Prof. Eli Rozik
Nurit Yaari, Introduction

Part I: Inter-medial Theory
1. Erika Fischer-Lichte, Approaches to Inter-art Aesthetics
2. Dror Harari, Inter-medialities: Modern and Postmodern
3. Daphna Ben-Shaul, Hybrid Energy: Artistic Insert as an Arena for Intro-medial and Inter-medial Relations
4. Eli Rozik, Teaching Non-verbal Literacy - Imagistic Thinking

Part II: Inter-medial Dialogues
5. Gad Kaynar, The Pigeon in A Pigeon and a Boy – A Book, Stage Adaptation, Performance , or the a-political Political Imports of a Subversive Rhetoric and Self-Centered Aesthetics
6. Irit Degani-Raz, 'Negative Images' in Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape and Piccasso's Collages: a Case of Inter-art Negative Imagistic Thinking
7. Shai Biderman, Film as Philosophy: the Case of Thought Experiments
8. Mordechai Adler and Zohar Eitan, Cross-modal Correspondences and Musical Representation

Part III: Inter-mediality in Performance
9. Sharon Aronson-Lahavi, Religious Theatre and the Potentiality of Live Art:
The 2010 Oberammergau Passion-Play
10. Tamar Cholcman, "Word into Image into Word": The Inter-Relations between
the Written Word and the Painted Image
11. Shuly Lev-Aladgem, The Eleventh Plague: Community-Based Theatre
of the Battered Woman

List of Eli Rozik's publications


Scholars of many genres of fine arts summarize theoretical issues and describe contemporary practical questions arising from attempts to cross boundaries between established disciplines in art studies. Their topics include approaches to inter-art aesthetics, artistic inserts as an arena for intro-medial and inter-medial relations, “negative images” in Beckett's Krapp’s Last Tape and Picasso’s collages as cases of inter-art negative imagistic thinking, cross-modal correspondences and musical representations, and the inter-relations between the written word and the painted image.

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