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Finding Time for Your Self
A Spiritual Survivor’s Workbook
52 weeks of reflections and exercises for busy people

Patty de Llosa

Patty de Llosa is the author of The Practice of Presence: Five Paths for Daily Life. Her second book focused on C. G. Jung’s Active Imagination exercises: Taming Your Inner Tyrant: A Path to Healing through Dialogues with Oneself. Patty has led group classes in the Gurdjieff work, Tai Chi and Taoist meditation, and the Alexander Technique, as well as working with Marion Woodman in her Body/Soul Rhythms intensives. A consulting editor for Parabola Magazine, she is a Life Coach and teaches Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique in New York City.


“Patty, you have come up with a project that could genuinely help people. The exercises reflect your many years’ experience. The meditations, too, are profound and blessedly clear.” Jeff Zaleski, Editor and Publisher, Parabola Magazine

Heartfelt, practical, accessible, spirited.

Finding Time for Your Self invites busy women and men to connect with deeper longings for self-fulfillment as they navigate the stressful demands of daily life. Thought-provoking reflections by the author are followed by practical exercises for a weekly study over a year of many aspects of life experience.

Most of us feel scattered a lot of the time. Like the dismembered Egyptian god Osiris, we are spread out all over our personal world. Finding Time for Your Self offers help to bring ourselves back together again and learn how to re-member ourselves, not by withdrawing from the world but by being engaged right in the middle of our daily life.

Fifty-two reflections on familiar life situations help the reader stay inwardly alive and present to meet life’s many challenges — to pause and reflect at any moment of the day. They are followed by practical exercises that offer day-by-day experiments to assist in finding a more balanced sense of ourselves in the midst of outer activity. The old Shaker song “It’s a gift to be simple” tells us that the solution is in the turning, until “by turning, turning, turning we come ‘round right.” When we turn away for a short time from activities, goals and commitments — and toward the inner self —we discover a world that’s just as active and full of surprises as the outer one. Turning our attention to the world within allows us to reconnect with that person who we essentially are, in the depths of our being.

Being and Doing
Who Am I?
Surprised by Love
Crooked Things
Yesterday’s Gone
Conduct Your Blooming
Emptying the Cup
Wrong Again?
Nowhere to Go
Ariadne’s Thread
Finding The Right Place
Two Worlds — One Human Being
Making a New Start
Where Am I?
Wait Like A Hunter
The “Should” Polarities
Too Busy to Live?
In Praise of Questions
Love and Power
Dare to be Present
The Blame Game
What Weighs us Down?
Leaping The Barrier
Why Switch Partners? Grow Together
Are You a Leader or a Follower?
Accentuating the Positive
Mind the Gap A Sense of Inadequacy
Let Them Go
Pain in the Heart
Great Expectations
Quiet Needs
What to Give Up?
The Rejected Cornerstone
Up the Down Ladder
Making No Demand
Something’s Missing (Apathy)
The Great Wave
A Clearing in the Woods
How to Be?
Stand Like a Tree
Only God is Perfect
Present to My Absence
Loving The Child Within
Getting It All Together
The Wages of Fear
The Enemy Within
There is no Wealth but Life
Ego and Ocean


“Patty, you have come up with a project that could genuinely help people. The exercises reflect your many years’ experience. The meditations, too, are profound and blessedly clear.” Jeff Zaleski, Chief Editor, Parabola Magazine

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Paperback ISBN:
Page Extent / Format:
192 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
Release Date:
May 2015
  Illustrated:   No
Paperback Price:
£14.95 / $19.95

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