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Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality

Using Lowenfeld Mosaics in Psychotherapy and Cross-Cultural Research

Thérèse Woodcock worked as a librarian and a school teacher before training as a child psychotherapist at Dr Lowenfeld’s Institute of Child Psychology. She worked for 25 years in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the NHS. She has taught at Cambridge and Middlesex Universities, where she is Director of an MSc Course in Lowenfeld Projective Play Therapy.

This book contains the distillation of the author’s 35 years’ experience of using Lowenfeld Mosaics and Lowenfeld practice in the treatment of unhappy and disturbed children, in the investigation of children’ acculturation to alien cultures, and in working with the deaf. Through case studies, 80 colour mosaics made by children and adults are used to illuminate Lowenfeld’s theories.

Mosaics are one of several non-verbal techniques invented by Lowenfeld to enable children to express their thoughts and feelings directly without having to find words. The circumvention of language attracted Mosaics to the notice of social anthropologists, such as Margaret Mead, looking for tools for cross-cultural research. The author gives a detailed account of how to set about using Mosaics in a clinical setting, how to introduce them to a young person, and how to discuss the resultant creation. The wide range of case studies presented includes the use of Mosaics to study the degree of comparative acculturation of samples of 12-year old Chinese children, in mainland China, London, and San Francisco.

Thérèse Woodcock has taught the use of Mosaics to a wide range of professionals who work with children – child psychotherapists and psychiatrists, paediatric social workers, paediatric occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, play therapists, guardians, specialist nurses, workers with the deaf, among others. Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality offers an opportunity to anyone working professionally with children or young people to benefit from her unrivalled experience.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-84519-090-3 3
Paperback Price: £25.00 / $39.950
Release Date: February 2006
Page Extent / Format: 240 pp. / 246 x 171 mm
Illustrated: Sewn binding with 80 colour mosaics


Illustrations and Tables
Foreword by Ian Goodyer

1 Meet Adam
2 Telling my story with shapes and colours
3 The Lowenfeld Mosaic language of shape and colour
4 The shape and colour of personality
5 Working therapeutically with Lowenfeld Mosaics
6 Mirror, mirror on the wall: the psychotherapist's response
7 Lowenfeld Mosaic language development and the personality in action
8 Personality in Action I: working with adolescents
9 Personality in Action II: working with children
10 The use of Mosaics as an assessment tool
11 Two contrasting styles of working through similar presenting problems
12 The touchstone of experience and expression: Mosaics made by two pre-lingually
deaf persons
13 Cross-cultural research with Mosaics
14 Mosaics, culture and the implications for interpersonal understanding
15 Our bodies, ourselves and Lowenfeld's theory of E
16 Our thoughts, our feelings, ourselves and Lowenfeld's theory of Protosystem Thinking
17 Endings and postscript: my personal experience of the Mosaic process

1 Guidelines for using Lowenfeld Mosaics with individuals
2 Brief guidelines for recording a Mosaic session
3 Guidelines for using Lowenfeld Mosaics with deaf people
4 Brief guidelines for using Lowenfeld Mosaics for
cross-cultural research
5 Cross-cultural Mosaic research response forms used in the research: (a) from Guangzhou, China; (b) from San Francisco, USA;(c) comparative data

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