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The Nation State and Immigration

The Age of Population Movements
Volume III of Contemporary Challenges to the Nation State: Global and Israeli Perspectives

Anita Shapira is professor emerita of Jewish history at Tel Aviv University, specializes in the history of Zionism, the Jewish community in Palestine, and the State of Israel. She is currently an editor of the biographical series "Jewish Lives" at Yale UP, and a senior fellow at The Israel Democracy Institute.

Yedidia Z. Stern is a professor of Law at Bar Ilan University and Vice President of Research at The Israel Democracy Institute. His fields of expertise are constitutional law, religion and state, and business law.

Alexander Yakobson is an associate professor of ancient history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses on democracy, popular politics and elections in the Classical World; democracy, national identity, religion, state and national identity, and the rights of national minorities in Israel and the West.

Liav Orgad is an Assistant Professor at the IDC Herzliya (Israel) and a DRS Research Fellow at the Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests include constitutional identity, comparative immigration law, citizenship theory, and international human rights law. Prior to joining the IDC, Orgad served as an advisor to Israel's National Security Council and the secretary of Israel's Advisory Committee on Immigration Law.

For the last two centuries, the nation state has posed a formidable challenge to multinational empires. It has served as a base for modernization, secularization and democratization – and also for the formation of totalitarian regimes. Today, the nation state faces challenges from multiple directions. National minorities demand self-determination while religious forces challenge secular governments, and global migration movements destroy the cultural uniformity once considered essential for the formation and preservation of nation states.

The Nation State and Immigration: The Age of Population Movements is the third of a three-volume set which addresses key challenges facing the contemporary nation state from a global perspective but with special emphasis on the Middle East and Israel. This publication reflects research conducted under the auspices of The Israel Democracy Institute's “Nation State Project”, which analyzes Israel’s complex reality in which a Jewish majority contends with an Arab minority, ultra-Orthodox religious forces reject the authority of the nation state, and an immigrant society exhibits substantial cultural and ethnic variance.

Volume III explores the cultural, social, and political effects of immigration on the contemporary nation state – its character, cohesion, and possible future, as well as on contemporary liberal democracy. Contributions deal with such issues as various liberal approaches to the issue of immigration and immigrant integration, nation-building narratives and their implications for immigrants and minorities, and citizenship tests and integration policy in the United States and in Europe, as well as Israel's Law of Return and the debate about it and other aspects of the country's immigration policy.

Vol. I: Nationalism and Binationalism: The Perils of Perfect Structures (978-1-84519-567-0)
Vol. II: The Nation State and Religion: The Resurgence of Faith (978-1-84519-568-7)

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-84519-569-4
Hardback Price: £35.00 / $49.95
Release Date: November 2014
Page Extent / Format: 240 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
Illustrated: No


1. Nation-Building Narratives: Implications for Immigrants and Minorities
Meral Ugur Cinar and Rogers M. Smith

2. Liberal Law and the Integration of Islam
Christian Joppke

3. Bargains and Contracts in Immigrant Integration: The United States, Europe, and Israel
Noah Pickus

4. Refugee Burden-Sharing: A Modest Proposal, Fifteen Years Later
Peter H. Schuck

5. The End of the French Melting Pot Paradigm? Between Assimilation and Expulsion: A Reconsideration of the Popular Front
Pierre Birnbaum

6. Liberalism, Allegiance, and Obedience: Loyalty Oaths in a Liberal Democracy
Liav Orgad

7. Learning from Comparison: A Transatlantic Comparison of Immigration Policy
Martin A. Schain

8. Are Immigration Rights Constitutional Rights in Israel?
Ariel L. Bendor

9. The Israeli Law of Return: Justification and Pitfalls
Amnon Rubinstein

10. A Jewish State, Multiculturalism, the Law of Return, and Non-Jewish Immigration
Alexander Yakobson

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