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Politics and Policy-Making in Israel's Educational System


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This is the first comprehensive book in English to describe and analyse the structure of Israel’s educational system from a political and policy-making perspective. It has been written in response to academicians’ demands for a clear understanding of how education policy in Israel is shaped by the political agenda and the fluid balance of power between vested political interests in education policy.

The main actors in the formation of educational policy are described in detail: the roles of political parties, the teachers’ unions, parents’ unions, local authorities and the Ministry of Education and Culture are discussed.

By describing the link of politics to education in Israel in terms of current, western models it allows comparisons between different national systems, thereby highlighting the specific strains and problems that have to be overcome as a result of secular/religious dichotomies.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898723-42-4
Paperback Price: £14.95 / $24.95
Release Date: June 1996
Page Extent / Format: 200 pp. / 216 x 138 mm
Illustrated: No


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