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Studies in International Relations

Essays by Philip Windsor

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Philip Windsor (1935–2000) is widely acknowledged to have been among the very brightest and most penetrating of thinkers in International Relations. This book brings together some of his most exciting and intellectually stimulating essays, written over a period of twenty-five years and covering many of the classic and most enduring issues in the study of International Relations: the causes of wars; intervention and the use of force; the regulation of conflict; human rights and the tensions between the demands of order and justice in international affairs.

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-902210-90-2
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Release Date: September 2002
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-903900-93-2
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Release Date: February 2004
Page Extent / Format: 256 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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Preface and Acknowledgements

'A cross-roads rather than an academic discipline' – Philip Windsor and the Study of International Relations
Mats Berdal

Part I International Relations in a Philosophical Context
1 International Relations – The State of the Art
2 The Justification of the State
3 The Twentieth Century as Self-Conscious History
4 War and the State
5 Cultural Dialogue in Human Rights

Part II Strategic Thinking
6 NATO's Twenty-five Years
7 The Boundaries of Détente
8 Restoring the Dynamics of Arms Control
9 Towards a Hierarchy for Arms Control
10 The Enigma of a Gifted Soul: Aron on Clausewitz
11 The Clock, the Context and Clausewitz
12 Strategic Thinking after the Cold War

Part III Aspects of Order
13 The Politics of Impotence
14 Some Reflections on Grenada
15 The Saviour from the Sea
16 America's Moral Confusion: Separating the Should from the Good
17 Terrorism and International Order
18 Superpower Intervention
19 Women and International Relations: What's the Problem?
20 Henry Kissinger's Scholarly Contribution

List of Original Texts

These essays offer a classic introduction to our era ... Whether he is discussing the vexed question of human rights... or the challenge that terrorism poses to the international order, we can learn much from his wisdom. These essays command our attention not only as an expression of the author’s enduring insights, but as a preview of our own century.

Studies in International Relations will remind those who were so privileged of his penetrating insight into the nature of international relations and of the humans who make them and write about them.
Professor Margot Light, London School of Economics

Many of these essays made a lasting impression on those who read them when they first appeared. Mats Berdal is to be congratulated on introducing them to a new generation of readers.
Professor James Mayall, Cambridge University

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