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Philosophy Titles


Philosophy titles explore contemporary responses to historical philosophical tracts (such as those of Albert Camus) through to present understandings of man’s historical and religious legacy.

Albert Camus and the Critique of Violence
David Ohana

Beyond Words, Things, Thoughts, Feelings
Ha Poong Kim

The Bounds of Liberalism
Neville Brown

Buddha is Dead
Manu Bazzano

Camus’ Answer
Robert Trundle

The Challenge of Complexity
Essays by Edgar Morin

Engaging the Cosmos
Neville Brown

Exploring Reality and Its Uncertainties
Ernest Krausz

P. J. Holt

Jeaneane Fowler

Hölderlin and the Poetry of Tragedy
Jeremy Tambling

Living On / To Survive: Epidemic Writings
Zsuzsa Baross

On Contemporaneity, after Agamben: The Concept and its Times
Zsuzsa Baross

On Contemporaneity, after Agamben: Art in the time that remains ..
Zsuzsa Baross

The Origin of Human Nature
Albert Low

Zsuzsa Baross

The Psychoanalysis of Science
Yehoyakim Stein

Reinhold Niebuhr and Non-Utopian Liberalism
Eyal Naveh

Prophet for a Dark Age: A Companion to the Works of René Guénon
Graham Rooth

Solon of Athens
Ron Owens

Spectre of the Stranger
Manu Bazzano

The Wall and the Arcade
Shimon Sandbank

With God in Human Trust
Kenneth Cragg