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The Arabs in Israel


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This book is an enquiry into the key factors of the Arab Israelis’ existence. It probes how they are being integrated into the State of Israel and how, at the same time, they face dilemmas of identity. For almost every question that arises, the author provides the relevant historical background and distinguishes features shared with, or different from, the developments in other Arab countries.

The political map of the Arab minority is at the heart of this book, but there are extended chapters on demographic trends, geographic distribution, the configuration of the religious communities, social conditions, the status of women, Arabic-language literature in Israel, the Arabic press, the legal status of the minority, government policies, the Arabs of East Jerusalem, the relations of Israeli Arabs with those of the occupied territories and with the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat.

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-898723-23-3
Hardback Price: £39.50 / $59.95
Release Date: May 1996
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898723-24-0
Paperback Price: £16.95 / $24.95
Release Date: May 1996
Page Extent / Format: 304 pp. / 216 x 138 mm
Illustrated: 8-page place section


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Stendel’s well-written and comprehensive analysis covers virtually every aspect of the recent history… An important analysis of Israel's growing non-Jewish minority at the crossroads.

 Readers are given a complete portrayal of Arab cultural identity in conflict with the political and ideological reality.
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