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The Israeli–Palestinian Peace Process

Oslo and the Lessons of Failure: Perspectives, predicaments, prospects

In the series:
Peace Politics in the Middle East

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New Paperback Edition

Mustafa Abu Sway, Professor and Director of the Islamic Research Center, Al Quds University

Yossi Ben-Aharon, as Israeli ambassador and former Deputy Director General of the Foreign Ministry

Abraham Diskin, formerly Chairman of the Political Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Manuel Hassassian is Professor of International Relations and Executive Vice-President of Bethlehem University

Aaron D. Miller was Deputy Special Middle East Coordinator for Arab–Israeli Negotiations at the State Department

Ron Pundak played a decisive role in the secret track of unofficial negotiations that culminated in the Oslo Accords

Robert L. Rothstein is Harvey Picker Professor of International Relations at Colgate University.

Moshe Ma’oz is Professor Middle Eastern Studies and Senior Research Associate of the Truman Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ziad Abu Zayyad is Minister of Jerusalem Affairs of the Palestinian National Authority.

Khalil Shikaki is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Palestine Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-84519-058-3
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Release Date: September 2004
Page Extent / Format: 172 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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1 A Fragile Peace: Could a "Race to the Bottom" Have Been Avoided?
Robert L. Rothstein

2 The Pursuit of Israeli–Palestinian Peace: A Retrospective
Aaron D. Miller

3 Ending the Conflict: Can the Parties Afford It?
Khalil Shikaki

4 Domestic Israeli Politics and the Conflict
Abraham Diskin

5 Foundering Illusions: The Demise of the Oslo Process
Yossi Ben-Aharon

6 Islamic Perspectives on the Oslo Process
Mustafa Abu Sway

7 From Oslo to Taba: What Went Wrong?
Ron Pundak

8 Why Did Oslo Fail?: Lessons for the Future
Manuel Hassassian

9 The Oslo Peace Process: From Breakthrough to Breakdown
Moshe Ma'oz

10 The Middle East Peace Process – Where to Next?
Ziad Abu Zayyad

11 A Fragile Peace: Are There Only Lessons of Failure?
Robert L. Rothstein

The Contributors

The contributions vividly demonstrate current contradictions: the Palestinians hoped that ‘structure’, i.e. a state, would emerge; the US and Israel appeared interested only in ‘process’, i.e. the war against terrorism.

This volume presents a broad range of political perspectives on the Oslo process, from left-wing Israelis to an Islamist Palestinain who describes how the ‘very existence of “Israel” is considered illegal’ from an ‘Islamist point of view’. The book makes for interesting reading, partly because each one of the commentators has a different view of what the Accords required and what the best way is to move forward.
Michigan Law Review

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