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Investment in Peace

The Politics of Economic Cooperation between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians

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“This thoughtful book attempts to formulate a new relationship and a new negotiating strategy between Israel and its Arab neighbors… The innovative proposal put forward is an exchange of asymmetrical assurances: the Arabs will assure Israel that its security, and its existence, are not in danger, and Israel will assure the Arabs that it has no intention of imposing any economic or cultural hegemony. Thus it is hoped that the imbalance between Arab territorial and numerical advantage over Israel, and Israel's economic and technological advantage over the Arabs, will be compensated to the mutual advantage of both. This is a proposal which at some later stage in the evolution of the Arab–Israeli conflict may be fruitful, but there are hurdles to be cleared before such a sophisticated approach can be practical. The fear that dominates both sides must first be attenuated, if not removed completely … What I suggest is now urgently needed is to address the problem, not just of the fear of conflict, but also of the fear of peace which both sides share … There is the need therefore on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict for a ‘culture of peace’.” From the Foreword by HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-902210-88-9
Hardback Price: £39.50 / $55.00
Release Date: May 2001
Page Extent / Format: 180 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
Illustrated: No


Foreword by HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan


1 Introduction: Perceptions of War, Peace, and Economics
2 The Domestic Environments
3 The Politics of the Israeli–Jordanian–Palestinian Triangle
4 Trade Regimes
5 Transnational Economic Cooperation
6 Regional Infrastructure Development
7 Conclusion: The Future of Arab–Israeli Economic Relations – Risks and Opportunities


The authors provide a compelling case for why economic solutions cannot precede a viable political solution.
Middle East Journal

Provides a valuable introduction to the technical and political elements of trade, joint venture, and regional infastructure development.
Journal of Palestine Studies

The authors wish to show that peaceful coexistence and political stability require economic cooperation.

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