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Moshe Ma’oz is Professor Emeritus of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He has recently been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. Professor Ma’oz has published many books and articles on the political and social history of the Middle East.

Gabriel Sheffer is Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interest concern "Diasporas and Transnationalism, and Diasporas-Homelands Relations".

The Arab countries and the Arab Middle East have been projected as homogeneous and united social and political entities. Yet beneath the surface, ethnic tensions and conflicts simmer. Some of these conflicts are well known and the issues arising therefrom are part of the regular diet of news. Other tensions involving ethnic minorities and ethnic diasporas are less well known. But they are no less problematic for regional actors. Particularly so since they are not only influenced by global developments, but they also significantly influence political, economic, cultural and ideological regional and intrastate developments.

The purpose of this book is to highlight the factors, forces, and circumstances that affect inter-communal relations in the region, and point toward strategies and circumstances that promote or hinder coexistence and integration, or antagonism. By studying diasporas in the Middle East in terms of their significant regional factors in relation to the Middle Eastern diaspora worldwide, this book makes an important and unique contribution to linking the study of Middle Eastern diasporas to the general new field of diasporic studies.

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Release Date: April 2002
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Moshe Ma'oz and Gabriel Sheffer

Part I Middle Eastern Indigenous Ethnic Minorities
1Middle Eastern Minorities: Between Integration and Conflict – An Overview
Moshe Ma'oz

2 National Self-Determination in the Middle East and North Africa
Benyamin Neuberger

3 The Impact of Religion and Regime on Ethnic Conflict in the Middle East
Jonathan Fox and Iris Margulies

4 Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in Sudan since Independence
Gabriel Warburg

5 The Elite Minority: Educated Sudanese and their Role in the State
Ahmed Al-Shahi

6 The Christians in Israel: Aspects of Integration and the Search for Identity in a Minorit

y within a Minority
Daphne Tsimhoni

7 Contested Identities: Berbers, "Berberism," and the State in North Africa
Bruce Maddy-Weitzman

8 Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in Iraq
Moshe Ma'oz

Part II Middle Eastern Diasporas
9 Middle Eastern Diasporas – An Overview
Gabriel Sheffer

10 The Muslim Diaspora in the West
Rivka Yadlin

11 Lebanon: State, Diaspora and the Question of Political Stability
Eyal Zisser

12 Chechen Identity, Culture, and Citizenship in Jordan
Mohanna Haddad and Wasfi Kailani

13 Territorial versus Personal Autonomy
Ruth Lapidoth


In these timely essays, historian Ma’oz and political scientist Sheffer help to fill a significant gap in knowledge about Middle Eastern minorities and diasporas. Highly recommended.

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