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Who’s Left in Israel?

Radical Political Alternatives for the Future of Israel

Dan Leon, a writer and editor who lives in Jerusalem, is a former senior editor of the New Outlook and co-managing editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal. Contributing authors: Shulamit Aloni, civil rights activist and founder of Ratz and Meretz; Uri Avnery, journalist and head of the Peace Bloc; Hillel Schenker, co-managing editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal; Tamar Gozansky, former MK (Hadash) and champion of social equality; Amira Hass, author and journalist; Dr. Ilan Pappe, historian; Prof. Menahem Klein of Bar-Ilan University, an international expert on Jerusalem; Dr. As’ad Ghanem, co-director of Sikkuy, an association promoting equality for Arab citizens; Dr Lev Grinberg, political sociologist, Ben-Gurion University; Victor Cygielman, co-founder of the Palestine-Israel Journal; Prof. David Newman teaches political geography at Ben-Gurion University; MK Avraham Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset; Dr. Alon Tal is head of research at the Arava Institute for environmental studies; Dr. Erella Shadmi teaches and writes on feminism, identity, lesbianism and policing; Dr. Henrietta Kalev-Dahan heads the gender study program at Ben-Gurion University.

“There could not have been a more opportune time for the publication of Who’s Left in Israel?. Dan Leon has done a good job of selecting the fifteen contributors and editing this unusual anthology. It appears at a time when even rightists in Israel are waking up to the political reality of what is called ‘the two-state solution’ – the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel. This a political necessity for which most of the authors, and Dan Leon himself, have been struggling for decades.” Ari Rath, former editor of the Jerusalem Post

“This important book illustrates the heterogeneity of contemporary Israeli society. It offers comprehensive descriptions and analyses of particular groups within the structure of the society. In clarifying the various discourses which contribute to the complexity of the society, it provides the reader with illuminating and often painful information and insights. This knowledge should be made available to anyone striving to become better acquainted with Israel society.” Prof. Daniel Bar-tal, Tel Aviv University

“Dan Leon’s highly recommended book presents a mosaic of fifteen articles by specialists in their subject. on the theory and practice of the Israel left and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Who’s Left in Israel?, in tackling complex questions on Israel's official policies, past and present, challenges much of the ‘conventional wisdom’ which has stymied so many initiatives for peace. Some of the writers believe that in our day one can perhaps see a gleam of light at the end of the tunnel. At any rate, this thought-provoking work is essential reading for all those who seek peace and justice in Israel/Palestine.” Latif Dori, Secretary of the Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue, founded by Israelis of Oriental origin; recipient of the Kreisky Prize for Peace and Human Rights

“The special quality of Dan Leon’s convincing anthology is that it flows from his long experience both as an activist in the Israeli left and as a writer with unusual ability to view its history and prospects in broad perspective. Who’s Left in Israel? deserves to be read by all those interested in the dilemmas facing the Israeli left in our times.” Knesset Member Ran Cohen

“Leon, former editor of New Outlook, has collected articles by Israel’s most vociferous far-leftists to show that, despite the enormous discrediting of leftist ideas over the past fifteen years, “peace” is still possible if Israel adopts an uncompromising anti-Zionist, Marxist agenda… Who’s Left in Israel? has value as a guide to the mindset of Israel’s hard Left today and perhaps the harder Left tomorrow.” Middle East Quarterly

“A stimulating collection of essays.” Jewish Peace Fellowship

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-903900-56-7
Hardback Price: £35.00 / $50.00
Release Date: April 2004
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-903900-57-4
Paperback Price: £15.95 / $24.95
Release Date: April 2004
Page Extent / Format: 208 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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The Contributors and Their Topics

1 Introduction: Radical Alternatives
Dan Leon
Israel, Jews, Palestinians

2 A Land Without a People . . .
Uri Avnery

3 The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel
As'ad Ghanem

4 Israeli Colonialism under the Guise of the Peace Process, 1993–2000
Amira Hass

5 The End of Zionism?
Avraham Burg

6 Religion, State and Society
David Newman
Who's Left?

7 The Making and Unmaking of the Israeli Jewish Left
Ilan Pappe

8 Post-Mortem for the Ashkenazi Left
Lev Grinberg

9 Jewish National Self-Determination at the Crossroads
Hillel Schenker

10 Left Out – the Ecological Paradox of the Israeli Left
Alon Tal

11 The Left Needs Two Banners
Victor Cygielman

Views from the Left

12 The Roots of Israel's Economic Crisis
Tamar Gozansky

13 The Dilemmas of Israeli Education
Shulamit Aloni

14 The Israeli Woman and the Feminist Commitment
Erella Shadmi

15 The Mizrahim: Challenging the Ethos of the Melting Pot
Henrietta Dahan-Kalev

16 Jerusalem: Constructive Division or Spartaheid?
Menahem Klein


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