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The Palestinians Between Terrorism and Statehood


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The appearance of urban Islamic terrorism in the West cannot be understood without some familiarity with the internal Palestinian argument. Pinhas Inbari's book provides an in-depth account of the current Israel-Palestinian peace process, dealing in particular with the factors on the Palestinian side vital to an understanding of the dynamics of the process, including: developments in the Israeli-occupied territories; and the internal struggles within the PLO and between the PLO and its adversaries.

Two factors make this book essential reading for all those who have an interest in Middle East Politics: previously unpublished revelations concerning the internal developments in the PLO that were to transform it from an anti-American military organization into a pro-American political-diplomatic organization; and a detailed analysis of the dangers to all parties to the peace process of urban terrorism from extremist factions. Chapters include "The Threatening Sword of Hamas" and "Who Blew Up the New York Trade Center?"

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-898723-20-2
Hardback Price: £45.00 / $59.95
Release Date: April 1996
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898723-21-9
Paperback Price: £16.95 / $24.95
Release Date: April 1996
Page Extent / Format: 284 pp. / 216 x 138 mm
Illustrated: No


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Displays in his writing extensive knowledge, profound understanding and an original analysis.
Shimon Peres

Inbari’s highly readable book suggests that, far from being merely a group of fanatics bent on the destruction of Israel, Hamas has sought and obtained a dialogue with the US.
Jewish Chronicle

… a valuable book which provides [a] detailed insight into the differences of opinion among Palestinian leaders.
Jerusalem Post

Inbari examines the continuing struggle between the PLO and its Palestinian adversaries… Arafat will be leaving a complex system of internal conflicts to the second generation of Palestinian leadership. The Palestinians have no way of coping with Arafat’s legacy.

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