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Latin American Studies titles

Latin American Studies seeks to establish itself as a venue for the publication of high-quality monographs and edited volumes on Latin American societies, their economies, polities, and cultures. Particular attention is paid to literary and human issues, and to books that contribute to innovation and debate in Latin America.

The Latin American Studies publishing programme includes the Sussex/CILAS series, titled Sussex Latin American Studies, chaired by Prof. Carlos H. Waisman, Department of Sociology and International Studies Program, University of California, San Diego. Books are published in this series with the sponsorship of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS) at the University of California, San Diego. The series is refereed by distinguished scholars in the field, and is a vehicle for the dissemination of research carried out at CILAS.

University of California, San Diego

All Latin American Studies books are detailed below. Sussex Latin American Studies volumes are detailed separately under the Sussex Library of Study section, accessed at the following website link – Library of Study


Argentinian Telenovelas
Gabriela Jonas Aharoni

The Body, Subject & Subjected
Edited by Debra D. Andrist

The Collective and the Public in Latin America
Edited by Luis Roniger and Tamar Herzog

The Colonial Divide in Peruvian Narrative
Misha Kokotovic

Constructing Collective Identities and Shaping Public Spheres
Edited by Luis Roniger and Mario Sznadjer

Debating Civil–Military Relations in Latin America
Edited by David R. Mares and Rafael Martínez

Democracy in Chile
Edited by Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Fernando Leiva

Destinies of the Quechua Culture in Peru
Rodrigo Montoya Rojas

The Destruction of the Indigenous Peoples of Hispano America
Eitan Ginzberg

Environment and the Law in Amazonia
Edited by James M. Cooper and Christine Hunefeldt

Ethnicity from Various Angles and Through Varied Lenses
Edited by Christine Hunefeldt and Leon Zamosc

Exile and the Politics of Exclusion in the Americas
Edited by Luis Roniger, James N. Green and Pablo Yankelevich

Globality and Multiple Modernities
Edited by Luis Roniger and Carlos H. Waisman

Intellectuals and Left Politics in Uruguay, 1958–2006
Stephen Gregory

The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean
Edited by Kristin Ruggiero

José ‘Pepe’ Mujica
Stephen Gregory

New World, First Nations
Edited by David Cahill and Blanca Tovías

Laura Esquivel’s Mexican Fictions
Edited by Elizabeth Moore Willingham

The Poetic and Real Worlds of César Vallejo (1892–1938)
R. K. Britton

Polycentric Monarchies
Edited by Pedro Cardim, Tamar Herzog, José Javier Ruiz Ibáñez and Gaetano Sabatini

Power, Culture and Violence in the Andes
Edited by Christine Hunefeldt and Milos Kokotovic

Revolutionary Ideology and Political Destiny in Mexico, 1928–1934
Eitan Ginzberg

Rights of Way to Brasília Teimosa
Charles J. Fortin

Jake Frederick

Spanish and Latin American Transitions to Democracy
Edited by Carlos H. Waisman and Ranaan Rein

The Struggle for Indigenous Rights in Latin America
Edited by Nancy Grey Postero and Leon Zamosc


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