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Jewish and Israel Studies Titles


Sussex Academic Press Jewish and Israel Studies features a selection of some of the most prominent writers and voices, from both within and outside Israel, and documents the Jewish Diaspora, the establishment of the State of Israel, and the history of Jewish groups during World War II.

Advocating Propaganda – Viewpoints from Israel
Ron Schleifer

Australia and Israel
Edited by Shahar Burla and Dashiel Lawrence

The British Government and the Holocaust
Meier Sompolinsky

Child Survivors of the Holocuast in Israel
Sharon Kangisser Cohen

The City of Jerusalem
Meir Margalit

The Crypto-Jewish Mashhadis
Hilda Nissimi

Dreamers of Zion
Reed M. Holmes

Eli Ben Amram and his Companions
Elinoar Bareket

Ehud Manor

From Fighters to Soldiers
Yaacov Goldstein

“From One End of the Earth to the Other”
Jeremy I. Pfeffer

The Incredible Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Bochnia (68715)
Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz

Isaac Aboab da Fonseca
Moisés Orfali

Israelis in Conflict
Edited by Adriana Kemp, David Newman, Uri Ram and Oren Yiftachel

Israel, the Diaspora and Jewish Identity
Edited by Danny Ben-Moshe and Zohar Sedev

The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean
Kristin Ruggiero

Jewish History in Modern Times
Joseph Goldstein

Jewish Socialists in the United States
Yaacov Goldstein

Jews and Australian Politics
Edited by Geoffrey Brahm Levey and Philip Mendes

The Jews of the Channel Islands and the Rule of Law
David Fraser

The Jews of Lebanon
Kirsten E. Schulze

The Jews of Libya
Maurice M. Roumani

Jacob L. Talmon
Edited by David Ohana

Louis Miller and Di Warheit (“The Truth”)
Ehud Manor

The Lost Worlds of Rhodes
Nathan Shachar

A Lublin Survivor
Esther Minars

National Schism and Civil Integration
Alexander Bligh and Gadi Hitman

Palestine Investigated
Eldad Harouvi

The Plight of Jewish Deserted Wives, 1851–1900
Haim Sperber

Revolution in Paradise
Yehuda Moraly

The Rich and the Poor
Mordechai Rozin

The Ring of Myths
Na’ama Sheffi

The Semiotics of Israeli Space and Time
Michael Feige Edited by David Ohana

The Sephardim of Sydney
Naomi Gale

A Social History Database of East European Jewish Deserted Wives, 1851–1900
Haim Sperber

The Spanish Right and the Jews, 1898–1945
Isabelle Rohr

Street Art Tel Aviv
Curated, photographed and introduced by Lord K2 and Lois Stavsky

Symbolic Allusion, Temporal Illusion
Ruth Dorot

Ten Myths About the Jews
Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro

Twenty-First Century Yiddishism
Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe

US Policy toward Israel
Elizabeth Stephens

Vidal and His Family
Edgar Morin

Who’s Left in Israel?
Edited by Dan Leon

Wilhelm Brasse

Yigal Allon
Udi (Ehud) Manor