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The British Government and the Holocaust

The Failure of Anglo-Jewish Leadership?

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Hardback ISBN: 978-1-902210-09-4
Hardback Price: £49.50 / $75.00
Release Date: February 1999
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-902210-24-7
Paperback Price: £19.95 / $45.00
Release Date: February 1999
Page Extent / Format: 288 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
Illustrated: No



1 London Learns of the Final Solution

2 The Changing Balance of Power in British Jewry
The Board of Deputies of British Jews
The British Section of the World Jewish Congress
The Orthodox and Ultraorthodox: Chief Rabbi Joseph, Herman Hertz, Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld and Harry Goodman
Jewish Leaders in the British Exile
Jewish–Christian Cooperation>

3 The British Blockade of European Jewry

4 Years of Vacillation: The Jewish Leadership, 1939-1942

5 Attempts to Break the Blockade and the Meager Results

6 The Declaration of December 17, 1942

7 Before and After the Bermuda Conference

8 The Bermuda Policy and its Opponents
More Splits in the Jewish Community
The Political Struggles of the National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror
The Struggle for a New Declaration and Warning
Activities on Behalf of the Jews of France, Italy and Transnistria in the Wake of Changes at the Front
The Council for Rescue of the Jewish Population in Poland
British Adherence and American Withdrawal from the Bermuda Conference Policy

9 Aid and Rescue Efforts to Comfort the Seablocked
Food Supply
The Adler-Rudel Scheme

10 The Search for Refugee Havens

11 The Rescue Efforts of the Chief Rabbi’s
Religious Emergency Council
“Rabbis to Mauritius”
“Rabbis to Mauritius” and Palestine Immigration Policy
The Attempts to Rescue the Jews of Nitra and their Rabbi
Financing Efforts
The Rescue Policy in Rabbi Schonfeld’s Eyes

12 The Ten Million Dollar Illusion

13 Ireland and the Jews of Europe
Ireland, Britain, Germany, and the Jews
Ireland and Harry Goodman

14 Reactions to the Crisis of Hungarian Jewry

15 Last-Minute Rescue Attempts


Sompolinsky details the competitive and often conflicting policies of Jewish institutions, groups, and individuals in Britain grappling with the tragedy of the German destruction of the Jews of Europe. Choice

The scope of the book goes well beyond that of previous historians who have adopted the author’s perspective. His coverage of Ireland is highly original.
English Historical Review

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