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Jewish Socialists in the United States
The Cahan Debate, 1925–1926

Yaacov Goldstein

Author text to follow


In 1925 Abe (Abraham) Cahan, the strong and influential editor of the most important Jewish newspaper, Forward, and an outstanding leader of the Jewish Labor movement in the United States, visited Palestine in order to come to terms with the problem of Jewish mass migration from East Europe. During and following his trip Cahan published his impressions about the Jewish National Home. His publications stirred a public debate, which lasted almost a year, between the supporters and “Bundist” antagonists to Palestine.
… A lmost all major leaders in the Jewish labour movement participated in this debate, including Rogoff, Litvak, Panken, Pine, Charny-Vladek, Zivion and Morris Hillquit, one of the major leaders of the SP (the American Socialist Party). A major stronghold of the anti-Zionist Bund movement was, besides eastern Europe, in the United States. The perception of Jewish immigrants was that Palestine would not solve the problems and needs of the Jewish masses. The idea of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine was considered an illusion.


Notes/List of Individuals and Institutions

Part One The Telegrams and Articles of Abraham
(Abe) Cahan Appearing in Forward

1 Palestine: A different world, 4 October 1925
2 A Jewish immigrant ship from Russia, 6 October 1925
3 The situation of the Jews in Russia, 7 October 1925
4 The halutzim (pioneers), builders of Palestine. Problems of Yiddish and the influence of the religious people, 8 October 1925
5 The socialist settlements in Palestine, 13 October 1925
6 Jews and Arabs at the Tel Aviv market, 7 November 1925
7 Industry and the future of Palestine, 11 November 1925
8 All kinds of people and parties in Palestine, 12 November 1925
9 The flowering of Palestine depends on the welfare of the Arabs, 13 November 1925
10 The cooperative settlements in Palestine, 14 November 1925
11 Mendel Elkind and the Gedud Ha’avodah, 17 November 1925
12 The future of Palestine depends on the success of industry, 20 November 1925
13 Solel-Boneh and big industry in Palestine, 22 November 1925
14 What do the Jews of the world find in Zionism?, 25 November 1925
15 The labor movement in Palestine, 9 December 1925
16 The labor movement in Palestine (continued), 10 December 1925
17 The work of Solel-Boneh, 12 December 1925
18 Is there a future for Eretz Israel?, 15 December 1925
19 What is the meaning of “To build Eretz Israel”?, 16 December 1925

Part Two The Debate (in order of appearance of the participants)

1 Zivion (Dr Ben-Zion Hoffman), 28 December 1925 (continued), 29 December 1925
2 Max Pine, 2 January 1926
3 Baruch Charney-Vladek, 9 January 1926
4 Dr Isser Ginsburg, 15 January 1926 continued, 16 January 1926
5 Abraham Litvak, 23 January 1926
6 Hillel Rogoff, 30 January 1926
7 Judge Jacob Panken, 6 February 1926
8 Sara Broyland, 14 February 1926
9 Jacob Lestchinsky, 20 February 1926
10 Alexander Kahn, 27 February 1926
11 David Einhorn, 8 March 1926
12 Dr Chaim Spivak, 13 March 1926
13 S. Rabinowitz, 22 March 1926
14 Morris Hillquit: His position on Palestine, 18 April 1926

Part Three Summing Up the Debate
The articles on Palestine by Abraham (Abe) Cahan
6 May 1926
7 May 1926
10 May 1926


Reviews to follow


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280 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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March 1998
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£49.95 / $75.00

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