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The Alpha Press, an imprint of Sussex Academic Press, offers a wide range of popular books covering art history, religion, biography, history, sport, conservation, sociology and, astrology. Scroll down to see titles.


Changing Perceptions: Milestones in Twentieth-Century British Portraiture
Elizabeth Cayzer


The Financial Universe: Planning Your Investments Using Astrological Forecasting
Christeen Skinner

Bach Flower Remedy System

Bach Flower Remedies and Emotional Healing in Conscious End of Life Care

Vyvyan Pritchard

Synopsis, contents, ISBN and price details to follow soon for anticipated publication in Spring 2022.

The 38 flower remedies in the Bach remedy system were discovered in the early part of the twentieth century by Dr. Edward Bach, who first practiced as a bacteriologist, physician, and pathologist. Dr. Bach designed his system to be simple so it could be used by anyone to maintain a balanced emotional outlook. There are many books published on Bach’s work and remedy usage. A good starting point is to take a look at website of The Bach Centre:

The Bach Centre website provides details of the remedies and how to use them, recommended reading (especially of Bach’s original writings) and Bach Remedy education and practitioner courses available worldwide. Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners are committed to respecting Dr. Bach’s philosophy and the simplicity of his original teachings, and to helping people understand and use his system to help themselves. One particular book of import is Lynn Macwhinnie’s Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies, highly recommended by Vyvyan Pritchard, author of the forthcoming Alpha Press title detailed above.


Fleet Street Round the Clock
Gordon Allan

First and Last Editions: England’s Second-Hand Bookshops
Gordon Allan

Harry Worsfold (1839–1939)
Janet Hilderley

The Last Days of T. E. Lawrence
Paul Marriot and Yvonne Argent

The Liberating Beauty of Little Things
Bohuslava R. Bradbrook

Mrs Catherine Gladstone
Janet Hilderley

Outside Inside
Charles Hannam

Who Cares for Planet Earth?
Edited by Bill Jordan


From a Safe Distance
Julia Bishop


From Palace to Power: An Illustrated History of Whitehall
Susan Foreman

The Relevant History of Mankind
Nathan Schur

The Huguenots of London
Robin Gwynn


Watercraft on World Coins
Yossi Dotan


50 Reasons For Going to Church
T. N. Earl

The Apostles’ Creed
Alan Robinson

Christians Observed
John Watson

Called by God
Alan Robinson

The Christian Jesus: Faith in the Finding
Kenneth Cragg

The Finger of God
Vincent John Delany

The Glass of Time
Cyril Bulley D.D.

Prayer + Plus: Prayers Linked with Bible Verses
Edmund Digby Buxton

Glimpses of the Divine
Bishop Bulley D.D.

In the Shadow of Sinai
Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson

Francis Tregian, 1548–1608
Raymond Francis Trudgian

The Visions, Revelations and Teachings of Angela of Foligno
Selected and Modernised by Margaret Gallyon


The Stress of Combat: The Combat of Stress
Ray Brook


Amity in the Middle East
Geoffrey Whitfield

Not all Mud and Scrums
Gordon Allan

Sporting Wanderer
Gordon Allan

Bowling Enchanted Woods
Gordon Allan

Bowls: A Game for Two Seasons
Gordon Allan

Tournament Summer: Seaside Bowls and Bowlers
Gordon Allan