Called by God

Stories from the Jewish and Christian Bibles

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Called by God tells of the life and work of thirty characters in the Bible who were convinced that they had received a divine calling. The text brings out, in a poetic and highly readable way, the personal thoughts and tribulations of the characters as they seek to fulfil God’s command and to follow the path of their vocation. While the text follows the Old Testament and Jewish biblical narratives, it adds dimensions of poetic licence to bring out the characterization of the personalities and their stories in a way that highlights their conviction that God supports them in all their activities.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898595-40-3
Paperback Price: £9.95 / $17.95
Release Date: October 2002
Page Extent / Format: 144 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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Abraham, father of many nations
Isaac, bearer of the covenant
Jacob, whose name is Israel
Joseph, the dreamer
Moses, leader of the Exodus
Joshua, victorious general
Deborah and Barak, freedom fighters
Gideon, saviour of his country
Samson, man of strength
Ruth, a woman of love and loyalty
Samuel, prophet and king maker
David, founder of a dynasty
Solomon the wise
Elijah the prophet
Elisha the prophet
Amos the prophet
Hosea the prophet
Isaiah of Jerusalem
The unknown Isaiah
Jeremiah the prophet
Ezekiel the prophet
Haggai the prophet
Zechariah the prophet
Ezra, man of God
Nehemiah, great leader
Esther, Jewish queen in Persia
Job, a righteous man
Habakkuk the prophet
Jonah the prophet
Daniel, prophet and sage
Malachi the prophet

Here is a very readable guide to one of the themes which runs throughout it – the experience of people who felt they were Called by God.
The Very Rev. Robert Davidson, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature, University of Glasgow, Former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

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