50 Reasons For Going to Church

Revised Edition

The author, T. N. Earl goes to church because it is, for him, the world away from business, from competition. He has no academic qualifications in theology, does not beat a big drum to swell the congregations, and would be happy to be described as a very ordinary person who finds the Church has an important place in his life.

Originally published in 1987, and extensively reviewed. Now published in a revised edition.

“A thought-provoking book and immensely readable. Deserves to be widely read. Above all, the book issues challenge after challenge.”
The Sentinel

“Charging up the spiritual batteries, to face another week, discovering all we need to know about good, simply meeting people briefly with kindred spirits, and many other reasons, can be found in this stimulating book.”
The Scotsman

Church attendance in the United Kingdom has dropped dramatically in numbers since the end of the Second World War and no longer can the country be called Christian. To many people, moral values are no longer of prime importance and the incidence of crime has reached new heights; while violence has plumbed sickening depths of depravity. In the media, as in life, profanity abounds.

People’s reasons and perhaps excuses for devotion and worship in Church are diverse, sometimes simple and at times complicated. If non-attenders knew that many regular church-goers were not part of a ‘saved’ elite withdrawing from the real world, but ordinary social animals like themselves, with the same basic nature, who would admit to one or many of the 50 Reasons set out in this book, then perhaps such a realization might encourage them to return to a place of worship again or to attend for the first time. Therein is the purpose of this book. 50 Reasons comprises twenty-five chapters, each of which contains at least ‘two reasons’ for going to Church.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898595-69-4
Paperback Price: £7.95
Release Date: December 2015
Page Extent / Format: 104 pp. / 216 x 138 mm
Illustrated: No


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