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Sussex Library of Study – Spanish History

This authoritative series provides a forum for critical and scholarly debate on a wide range of topics and themes in Spanish History. Forthcoming volumes will be developed not only from original, critical work, but from newly translated studies that have only been available in the Spanish language, but which are recognized by the Editorial Board as adding substantially to knowledge and debate of Spanish history issues in the English-speaking world.


Alcalá Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931–1936
Stanley G. Payne

A Balancing Act
Emilio Grandío Seoane

The Crescent Remembered
Patricia Hertel

The Crisis of Democracy in Spain
Nigel Townson

The Emergence of Mass Politics in Spain
José Junco-Alvarez

The Impact of the Spanish Civil War on Britain
Tom Buchanan

Is Spain Different?
Edited by Nigel Townson

The Last Survivor
Edited by Ferran Gallego and Francisco Morente

L’Espagne Republicaine
David A. Messenger

Madrid’s Forgotten Avante-Garde
Silvina Schammah Gesser

Mexico and the Spanish Civil War
Mario Ojeda Revah

Modernizing the Nation
Javier Moreno-Luzón

The Muslim Struggle for Civil Rights in Spain
Aitana Guia

Julius Ruiz

Rebuilding Islam in Contemporary Spain
Avi Astor

Spain 1936
Raanan Rein and Joan Maria Thomàs

Spanish Education in Morocco, 1912–1956
Irene González González

Spanish–Israeli Relations, 1956–1992
Guy Setton

The Spanish Second Republic Revisited
Edited by Manuel Álvarez Tardío and Fernando del Rey Reguillo

Señoritas in Blue
Inbal Offer

The Truth about Spain!
Hugo Garcia

“Freedom, Faction, Fame and Blood”: British Soldiers of Conscience
Elizabeth Roberts

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