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Sussex Library of Study — Religious Beliefs & Practices


The Sussex Library of Religious Beliefs & Practices is a highly-acclaimed range
of titles covering all the major, and most of the minor, religions
thriving in the world today.

The books are written by respected experts and practitioners in their fields.
The series has received encouraging reviews, and continues to feature
on the reading lists of many courses in the US and UK.

The Ancient Egyptians
Rosalie David

Merv Fowler

Buddhism and the Coronavirus
Jeaneane Fowler

Chinese Religions

Christian Theology
John Glyndwr Harris

John Glyndwr Harris

Jeaneane Fowler

Hindu Goddesses
Lynn Foulston and Stuart Abbot

Jeaneane Fowler

Islam: Faith and Practice
David Norcliffe

The Jews
Alan Unterman

The Middle Eastern Founders of Religion
Solomon Nigosian

The Protestant Reformation
Madeleine Gray

The Sikhs
Owen Cole and Piara Singh Sambhi

T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Jeaneane Fowler and Shifu Keith Ewers

Ethan Doyle White

Peter Clark