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Thinking Beyond the State

Migration, Integration, and Citizenship in Japan and the Philippines

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Johanna O. Zulueta is Associate Professor at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts of Soka University in Tokyo, Japan. She teaches sociology-related courses (race and ethnicity, gender, research methods) and migration studies. She has published on Japan-Southeast Asian migrations, particularly on military basing and migration in Okinawa. Her works have examined issues related to citizenship, multiculturalism, gender, ethnic identity, and end-of-life decision making. She is currently looking at aging women migrants in Japan and Malaysia.

“An important study that will be a major contribution to the field of Filipino migration studies. … The research findings have implications for future policy-making and underscore the need for transnational approaches to migration that, as the book's title suggests, ‘think beyond the state’.” Professor Mina Roces, School of Humanities and Languages, The University of New South Wales

Human mobility has been a widely examined phenomenon in the social sciences, and in this increasingly globalized world migration continues to be of significant concern. The chapters comprising this volume on Thinking Beyond the State address the need to think beyond prevailing state discourses in problematizing human movements between Japan and the Philippines, by focusing on the presence of other actors involved in these processes. This collection investigates a range of issues that are part and parcel of the migration experience: citizenship and nationality, migrant incorporation and integration, human security, migrant welfare, philanthropy, identity, and multiculturalism. The editor and contributors aim to inform the larger public of the realities that are embedded in this particular phenomenon, as well as engage academics involved in migration studies. The book will be a valuable resource to those with professional interests in the East Asian region, most particularly in Japan and the Philippines.

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Release Date: September 2018
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Introduction: Thinking Beyond the State 
Johanna O. Zulueta

Part I: Challenges to Policies

Chapter 1: Immigration Policy in Contemporary Japan: The Dilemma between Control and Coexistence 
 Junichi Akashi         

Chapter 2: A Decade after the Birth of JPEPA: Overcoming Policy Failure of Healthcare Workers’ Migration Scheme
Ron Bridget Vilog

Chapter 3: Filipino Domestic Workers to Japan: Issues and Concerns
Maria Rosario Piquero-Ballescas, with Orlando Ballescas and Hiroya Takamatsu

Chapter 4: Impediments on Reaching Human Security for Migrants: Prospects for the Philippines and Japan
Benjamin San Jose

Part II: Agency in Structure

Chapter 5: Parenting Experiences of Filipino Mothers in Japanese-Filipino Intercultural Marriages
Melvin Jabar

Chapter 6: Rethinking Nationality Issues of Japanese-Filipinos from the perspective of NGOs and Youth 
Megumi Hara

Chapter 7: Filipino Rap Music as an Arbiter of Migrant Visibility in Japan: The Case of Espada
Yellowbelle Duaqui

Chapter 8:  “Bonds, Bridges and Links of Hope”: Migrant Support Organizations (MSOs) as Agents of Immigrant Family Integration
Jocelyn Celero

Part III: Communities and Integration

Chapter 9: Migrant Women in a Big City Entertainment Area: What have Filipino women changed in Sakae-Higashi Area, Naka-Ward, Nagoya City, 2002-2006?
Sachi Takahata

The Editor and Contributors 


Reviewed by Niels Mulder in New Books Asia  

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