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Sussex Library of Study

The Sussex Library of Asian and Asian American Studies publishes original scholarly work in various disciplines (including interdisciplinary and transnational approaches) under the rubric of Asian and Asian American studies – particularly Economics, Education, Religion, History, Politics, and Gender. The Series is keen to publish in emerging topics that demand attention in the Asian and Asian American context – from the politics of dress in Asia and the Americas to the heteronormative in India and Indonesia. Seminal works and approaches will find a home here. The deliberate strategy to combine two fields (Asian Studies and Asian American Studies) which are normally separated is testimony to our approach to support new approaches and perspectives in the scholarship about Asia whether or not the Asian subject is located in Asia or elsewhere. The Series also welcomes single-country studies or anthologies that explore one important theme across a number of Asian contexts or analysis of major themes in Asian American history or cultural studies. The Series contributes to scholarly debates on topical issues, highlighting the importance of the region in the Asian century and reflecting the rise of Asian American studies in the United States.

For information and proposal submissions, please contact the Series Editor, Dr. Mina Roces, School of History, The University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA 2052. Email:


China’s Rising Global Profile
Harsh Pant

Chinese Identity in Post–Suharto Indonesia
Chang–Yao Hoon

Dancing the Feminine
Monika Swasti Winarnita

Family Ambiguity and Domestic Violence in Asia
Edited by Maznah Mohamad and Saskia E. Wieringa

Han Shan, Chan Buddhism and Gary Snyder’s Ecopoetic Way
Joan Qionglin Tan

Heteronormativity, Passionate Aesthetics and Symbolic Subversion in Asia
Saskia E. Wieringa with Abha Bhaiya and Nursyahbani Katjasungkana

In Women’s Words
Hannah Loney

The Independence of East Timor
Clinton Fernandes

Media Events in Web 2.0 China
Jian Xu

Negotiating Malay Identities in Singapore
Rizwana Abdul Azeez

Pool of Life
Kailash Puri and Eleanor Nesbitt

Southeast Asian Migration
Edited by Khatharya Um and Sofia Gaspar

The Politics of Dress
Edited by Mina Roces and Louise Edwards

Women and Politics in Southeast Asia
Edited by Theresa W. Devasahayam


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