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Feeling the Heat in Spain – A Decade as a Foreign Correspondent

From the Financial Crisis to the Pandemic

Raphael Minder has covered Spain for The New York Times since 2010. He previously reported for the Financial Times, including as its Asia regional correspondent. He is the author of The Struggle for Catalonia: Rebel Politics in Spain.

Published in association with the
Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies, LSE

Raphael Minder landed in Madrid in 2010 to cover Spain for The New York Times just as the dark clouds of the financial crisis were about to burst into a full-fledged euro debt storm. “A Decade as a Foreign Correspondent” follows the turbulent and momentous events that have reshaped the country’s political landscape: a secessionist movement in Catalonia, the end of Spain’s two-party system, and a desperate attempt to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

With a correspondent’s keen eye, this book takes the reader on an extraordinary journey of discovery – from the most remote corners of Spain, where an arid soil produces delicious truffles; to Moroccan hashish trafficked alongside migrants; to the historical repercussions of American nuclear bombs; and not least to the central square of Madrid, where Spain's radical left-wing movement was born. The book shines a light on Spain through colorful anecdotes that help explain the fraught present, as well as the charged past, of a nation that only returned to democracy in the 1970s. It offers an unbiased perspective on an emotionally-charged decade that has polarized Spain. This chronicle of the social, political and economic fabric of Spain is essential reading for all involved in Hispanic studies and Spanish culture. For diplomats, civil servants, and business analysts – indeed for anybody focused and involved in European affairs – this tale takes to heart every economic fraud, administrative incompetence and political misdeed imaginable.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78976-149-8
Paperback Price: £24.95 / $34.95
Release Date: September/October 2021
Page Extent / Format: 240 pp. 229 x 152 mm
Illustrated: No


Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies

Series Editor's Preface by Paul Preston  



Introducing the Job of Foreign Correspondent   

A turbulent decade in a country of contrasts



The path of justice: The ups-and-down of Baltasar Garzón         

The Catalan controversy: The many facets of independence       

A hot autumn: Chaos and conflict in the Catalan referendum     

Speaking to all sides: The sharp edges of secessionism   

A European love: Spain's relationship with the European


The generation of 2015: The end of the two-party system          



The gods of money: The bank bailouts  

Duel in the sun: The rise and fall of Abengoa     

Brand Spain: The concerns over the country's image     

The business of the land: The potential of marmalade,   

  wine and truffles

A more or less global world: Selling sex and colonialism 



Drugs without violence: Barbate's escape route in the midst      

   of crisis

The alms of the wealthy: The flimsy culture of Spanish   


Jumping fences: The gates of immigration are south      

Coming out of coma: The fight for justice following a     

  medical error

An American omission: Decades of nuclear waste          

  in Palomares

Franco's long shadow: Historical memory on the to-do list         

Small but feisty: How Little Nicolás tricked those in power         

The fourth estate: The shenanigans within Spanish media          

  at a time of crisis

The presumption of innocence: The pedophilia charges 

  filed against a Granada priest

Recovering a heritage: The peninsula's Sephardic past   

The value of the fiesta: A mosaic of unique celebrations

The whistle-blower's protection: The dangers of            

  uncovering corruption



Covid-19 and other crises: Rising to the challenge          


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