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Sustenance for the Body & Soul

Food & Drink in Amerindian, Spanish & Latin American Worlds

The Editor, Dr. Debra D. Andrist, retired Professor of Spanish/formerly founding Chair of Foreign Languages (at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, was formerly Chair/Cullen Professor at University of St. Thomas/Houston and formerly Associate Professor at Baylor University, Waco, TX . Her scholarly work focuses on art and literature by and about women and medical topics.

The food-secure and/or privileged worldwide no longer eat and drink simply to maintain life itself. They have the advantage and choice to regard “sustenance” not just as fuel for the body/machine but as a source of pleasure and entertainment for the mind/intellect. This enhanced concept of “sustenance” embraces all the senses: visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile, thus including not just food & drink but ceremonies & art forms dealing with them. This book explores the substantive ways food & drink impact human existence.

The work comprises five parts: medicine; ceremonies; literature & cinema; art & artists; space/architecture & advertising/art. Food & drink start with the physical, morph into nutrition, the most basic requirements for organic life, but progress from the beginning of physical process to ceremony and expression. The result and the experience highlight physiological and sensual concepts, and indeed, preference. Food & drink staples are determined by geographic availability and cuisine & beverage are closely associated with culture & ethnicity. Contributor exploration is wide-ranging: Aztec, Mexican & Spanish medicine; African & Roman Catholic rites; cookbook discourse and socio-gender influence; literature, including cultural comparisons of cooking and cooks; preparation & representation of food & drink as artistic endeavors, including by Latin American women, and types of inspirational “fodder,” especially in the context of Picasso’s art in Spain & France, & Spanish wine museums & labelling.

Sustenance for the Body & Soul is the seventh book in the Hispanic Worlds series, details of which are available on the press website.

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-78976-130-6
Hardback Price: £80.00 / $99.95
Release Date: December 2021
Page Extent / Format: 366 pp. 229 x 152 mm
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Indigenous & Hispanic Worlds


Part I Sustenance & Socio-Political Spaces: Intents & Agendas

A. (Proto) Political Unintended Cultural Influences

1          A (Culinary) Counter-Conquest: Imports from the Americas

            that Conquered European Cuisine

            Debra D. Andrist


B. Teaching & Influencing the Student(s) as an Agenda:

     Formal Education

2          Food Culture in Higher-Education Spanish Courses:

            Political Allegory in Lazarillo de Tormes

            Elizabeth Coscio


3          Vitamin F: First Wave Feminist-Fueled Home Economics: A Dialogue of Trends in North America and Spain

            Michelle Sharp


C. Teaching & Influencing the Family as an Agenda:

     Socialization & National Politics

4          Family Responsibilities: A Recipe for the Modern Spanish Nation: Carmen de Burgos' and Emilia Pardo Bazán's Cookbook Discourses

            Michelle Sharp


D. Teaching & Influencing the Public as an Agenda:

     Commercial Advertising

5          Linking & Selling Sustenance & Space: Wine Labels

            in Spain

            Kimberly Habegger


Part II Sustenance & Physical Space

A. Museums: Drink & Architecture

6          Spain's Wine Museums: Where Age-Old Oenological

            Tradition Intersects with Contemporary Design &

            Modern Technology

            Kimberly Habegger


B. The Kitchen & Dining Room: Food & Drink

     Preparation & Presentation

7          The Kitchen & Dining Room: Cooking & Consuming

            Who, What, How in the Preparation & Presentation

            of Food & Drink

            Debra D. Andrist


Part III Sustenance for the Body & Soul: Applications & Interpretations

A. Applications for Medicine & Healing

8          The Body Cured by Plants

            Jeanne Gillespie


9          Healing Remedies and Patron Divinities: The Songs

            of Pulque

            Jeanne Gillespie


10        Como agua para chocolate: Like Food for Emotion,

            Like Illness/Injury for Transition/Transformation

            Debra D. Andrist


B. Interpretations for Ceremony & Religion

11        Eucharistic Bread & Wine: A Concrete Sacramentality

            That Liberates

            John Francis Burke


Part IV Sustenance & the Soul: Representation via the Visual Arts

A. Visual: Studio & Cinema

12        What's Cooking with Picasso: Conjuring Up Food in

            the First Year of Occupation

            Enrique Mallén


13        The Devouring Eye (I) of Picasso

            Enrique Mallén


14        Sustenance for the Soul & Spirit: Frida & Fruit

            Debra D. Andrist


15        Family, Food & Fighting: A Comparative Study of the

            Mexican Film, Como agua para chocolate and the

            Chinese Film, Eat Drink Man Woman

            Haiqing Sun


Part V Sustenance & the Soul: Representation via the Literary Arts

A. Writers & Writing, Fiction & Essay

16        Food Vocabulary & References as Linguistic, Familial

            & Cultural Links: Memory, Identity & Comfort:

            The Short Stories & an Essay by Rose Mary Salum

            Debra D. Andrist


17        Filminas: An Essay

            Rose Mary Salum


18        Real Recipes and Willed Eroticism in Isabel Allende's


            Stephen Miller


19        Cultural & Culinary Symbiosis: The Art of Describing

            Cuban Identity in Paradiso by José Lezama Lima

            Jorge Chavarro


20        Metamorphosis and Food: Adela Fernández and Leonora

            Carrington's Short Stories, A Comparative Reading

            Eduardo Cerdán


Conclusions and Reflections


The Editor & Contributors


Review Quotes to Follow

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