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Time & Space / Tradition & Modernity in Hispanic Worlds

The Editor, Dr. Debra D. Andrist, Professor of Spanish at Sam Houston State University (SHSU), was multi-term founding chair of Foreign Languages there, former multi-term Chair of Modern & Classical Languages/Cullen Professor of Spanish at the University of St. Thomas/Houston (UST) and rose to Associate Professor of Spanish, Baylor University. Her scholarly work focuses on art and literature by and about women and medical topics.

Crossroads! Intersections – physical and/or metaphorical – demand processes of consideration, determination, decision and commitment. Stasis is no longer an option where convergence is poised before the unknown. Where categories such as gender, culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, philosophy and religion clash, the multivariate process can reach such complexity that literary, sociological and psychological tools can have differing interpretations. Real-life intersections range from the mundane (choosing among food items on a menu according to taste preferences) to survival-determinants (evaluating the efficacy of various medical procedures). But such intersections are at the two ends of a very long continuum that takes in issues of form/function, and traditional vs.“modern.” For example, “Home” may be defined both as a physical place and/or a mental construct. In more esoteric contexts, artists chiefly known for visual production, representing their ideas with color and form, not infrequently cross media to “paint” with words. Philosophy, religion, art and literature cross paths via symbols and other visual and linguistic constructs. Writers deal with how and where their own or their characters’ multiple identities intersect. The Hispanic world is an extraordinarily vivid place to explore these crossroads.

This collection of essays addresses a multitude of crossroads in numerous Hispanic contexts across the intersections of time & space/tradition & modernity. The contexts are wide-ranging; e.g., the visual, architectural: how Spain’s age-old oenological tradition meets modern technology, how the vestiges of long-term dictatorship lurk in the spaces of Spain’s democracy; and how space/architecture, and art/poetry cross in Latin America. Painters Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo’s productions cross the visual to the written; and magical realism products of the twentieth century Latin American artistic movement defy nature, science, time and space.

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-78976-019-4
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Release Date: January 2020
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Part I   Physical Crossroads of Time & Space/Tradition & Modernity
1 Spain's Wine Museums: Where Age-Old Oenological Tradition Intersects with Contemporary Design and Modern Technology
Kimberly A. Habegger

2 Twentieth-Century Pyramid: Vestiges of Dictatorship in a Democracy - Spain's Valley of the Fallen
Kimberly A. Habegger

3 Home, Sweet and Not-So-Sweet, Home: The Museum of Fine Art/Houston (MFAH) and Latin American Art
Debra D. Andrist

4 Architecture and the Constant Hispanic Postmodern Project
Elizabeth White Coscio

Part II    Social, Artistic, Religious & Political Crossroads
5 Representation of the Absent Object: Pictorial Mysticism in El Greco and Pablo Picasso
Enrique Mallén

6 Transmogrifying Traditions: el guadalupanismo. The History of Sociedades Guadalupanas and Other Hispanic Organizations in Houston, Texas
Debra D. Andrist

7 Mestizaje as Lateral Universality:  Moving In-Between Elitist Cosmopolitanism and Populist Tribalism
John Francis Burke

Part III   Crossroads of Social & Literary Time & Space, Not to Mention Tradition & Modernity, in Spain
8 Pablo Picasso's Semantically-Complex Visual Poetry Through Modern Technology
Enrique Mallén & Luis Meneses

9 Ramón J. Sender's Sublime Visions of Freedom in Relatos fronterizos (1970)
Montse Feu

10 Pérez Reverte at the Early Twenty-First Century Crossroads of Spanish History and Literature
Stephen Miller

Part IV    Crossroads of Social, Gender, Artistic, Literary & Cinematic Time & Space, Not to Mention Tradition & Modernity, in Latin/Latino(x) America
11 Time, Space & Creativity
RoseMary Salum

12 Why Can't a Feminist be Sexy? Sandra Cisneros' My Wicked, Wicked Ways
Gwendolyn Díaz-Ridgeway

13 Confrontations on All Fronts: The War of the End of the World by Mario Vargas Llosa
Jorge Chavarro

14 The Many Homes: A Reading of Marina Perezagua's The Story of H
Eduardo Cerdán

15 China and Chinago: Globalization of the Kung Fu Genre and the Interpretation of Hero and History
Haiqing Sun


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