Cultural & Social Studies

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Cultural & Social Studies


Apostolos Polyzoides

Amity in the Middle East
Geoffrey Whitfield

Archangels and Archaeology
Geoffrey Ginn

Blood Revenge
Joseph Ginat

The Body, Subject & Subjected
Debra D. Andrist

California Journal
Edgar Morin

Changing Nomads in a Changing World
Edited by Joseph Ginat and Anatol M. Khazanov

The Charm of Graves
Gideon M. Kressel, Sasson Bar-Zvi and ‘Aref Abu-Rabi’a

The Chrysalis Effect
Philip Slater

Coming of Age in Madrid
Susan Plann

Dr. Debra D. Andrist

Edited by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. and Shirley O. Lua

The Discovery of El Greco
Eric Storm

Diversity Management in Practice
Edited by Susanne Küchler and Sandra Wallman

Family, Friends and Foes
Edited by Debra D. Andrist

A Genealogy of Violence and Religion
James Bernard Murphy

Heteronormativity, Passionate Aesthetics and Symbolic Subversion in Asia
Saskia E. Wieringa with Abha Bhaiya and Nursyahbani Katjasungkana

Inequality in the Portuguese-Speaking World
Edited by Francisco Bethencourt

Informal Justice in Contemporary Society
Dr. Lee Li-On

Inside the Welfare Lobby: A History of the Australian Council of Social Service
Philip Mendes

Insult to Injury
Edited by Debra D. Andrist

A Jew’s Best Friend?
Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman and Rakefet Zalashik

The Jews of Lebanon
Kirsten E. Schulze

Language Attitudes, National Identity and Migration in Catalonia
Edited by Andrew Canessa

Laws, Policies, Attitudes and Processes that Shape the Lives of Puppies in America
Carmen M. Cusack

Life Behind the Mask
Didier Mouturat

The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence
Edited by Andrew Linzey

Love’s Creation
With a Contextual Essay by Deryn Rees-Jones

Media Events in Web 2.0 China
Jian Xu

The Myth of the Modern Hero
Jane L. Bownas

The Mythical Indies and Columbus’s Apocalyptic Letter
Elizabeth Moore Willingham

National Mythologies in Central European TV Series
Jan Čulík

The New Imagined Community
Uriya Shavit

The Nightly Act of Dreaming
Ryan Friesen

Picture Imperfect
Anne Maxwell

Poets and Partitions
Jon Curley

The Politics of Muslim Intellectual Discourse in the West
Dilyana Mincheva

The “Return” of British-Born Cypriots to Cyprus
Janine Teerling

Reyes Calderón’s Lola MacHor Series
Jeffrey Oxford

Edited by Debra D. Andrist

SMART CITY Barcelona
Antoni Vives

Societies of Social Innovation
Ander Gurrutxaga Abad

Society and the Absurd
Shlomo Giora Shoham

A Society in Distress
Jan Čulík

The Stress of Combat – The Combat of Stress
Roy Brook

Talking Walking
Rachel Bowlby

‘Thinking Against the Current’
Sybil Oldfield

Tunisian Women's Writing in French
Sonia Alba

Understanding the Roots of Voluntary Action
Edited by Colin Rochester, George Campbell Gosling, Alison Penn and Meta Zimmeck

Visions of Aging
Amir Cohen-Shalev

Web Journalism
Edited by Sean Tunney and Garrett Monaghan