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Diversity Management in Practice

A Cross-Cultural & Multi-Disciplinary Annotated Bibliography Addressing Policy and Well-Being

Susan Küchler is Professor of Anthropology at University College London. She has researched the material culture of transnational communities in the Pacific and Europe, with particular emphasis on the relation of art to social memory and cultural dialogue.

Sandra Wallman is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at University College London. She has researched development, HIV/AIDS, race and migration in Africa and Europe, often in collaboration with other disciplines.

This volume has emerged out of a collaborative Network of Excellence (NoE) research project funded by the European Commission. The NoE is designed to strengthen excellence on ‘Sustainable Development in a Diverse World’ by integrating European research capabilities across disciplines and countries to provide society and polity with the instruments and tools for managing cultural diversity as a key element of a new strategy for sustainable development. The Network, which comprises 32 Institutes from Europe and beyond, has led to a growing realisation that scholars and practitioners need to be aware of each others’ intellectual inspiration when approaching the sensitive question of the relationship between cultural diversity and sustainable development with the view to setting out policy recommendations which in Europe have wide application.

It provides a bridge across the linguistic and intellectual traditions that currently sets scholars and practitioners in the field of diversity management apart from each other. The bibliography will be drawn from each of the partners active within the NoE, representing Europe and key nations such as India, where diversity is embraced as the essence of society and development. Abstracts will be provided in English of key literature, and the bibliography will support cross-cultural understanding of issues surrounding diversity and its management in society. Articles and books annotated in the publication will comprise both classical works and contemporary perspectives, allowing better communication across linguistic barriers on issues that affect chiefly the management of organisations and cities in Europe.

The volume is a vital tool for anybody conducting primary research in the implementation of diversity regulation, and an inspiration for practitioners in the field of diversity management and policy implementation. The publication will feature Subject, Discipline, Geographic and Diversity indexes, which will enable searches to be conducted across cultural perspectives on diversity and its management.

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The editors present an annotated bibliography that arose out of the work of the collaborative research network ‘Sustainable Development in a Diverse World,’ which integrates resources and expertise from such disciplines as anthropology, psychology, economics, sociology, political science, art history, economic history, architecture, law, urban and regional studies, geography, and linguistics on diversity/sustainability issues in Europe. Some 172 entries of between 300 to 400 words cover academic books and articles, journalistic and conference reports, novels, and fictional and documentary films and videos. Each review specifies the subject, the main discipline, the location where the study was conducted, the type of diversity at issue, and up to five key words, details that were then used to construct the four indexes at the end of the text.
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Diversity Management in Practice consists of short summaries (300–400 words) of books, academic articles and, in a few cases, movies and documentary films which provide a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary understanding of issues surrounding diversity and its management in society. Such disciplines as anthropology, economics, psychology, sociology, political science, art history, economic history, architecture, law, urban and regional studies, geography, and linguistics are represented. Readers who only read English will benefit from access to summaries of material written in other languages. The selections are highly personal ones and the book serves as a useful reminder of the need to chunk up and chunk down in any subject. So we find summaries of classic works by Freud, Edward Said, Tariq Ali, Fukuyama, Huntington alongside studies of mods and rockers in sixties Britain (examples of ‘folk devils’ blamed for society’s troubles), obscure ethnic groups, as well as recommendations to learn from the movie Mississippi Masala (about Indians removed from Uganda in the seventies by Idi Amin who came to the US South). The book is made for skimming and scanning, locating subjects and issues, all of which cannot possibly be on everyone’s radar. Four comprehensive indexes (Subject, Main Discipline, Geographic Area, and Diversity-type) together with alphabetical ordering of authors allow easy navigation through the variety of reviews.

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