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Manuscript Checklist

Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically, together with two hard copies.

Please complete this form and submit it with your manuscript [printable version]

Have you submitted a disk copy plus a double-spaced hard copy of your manuscript?

Have you checked to ensure that the disk and hard copies of the script are exactly the same?

Have you kept a disk copy of the manuscript?

Have you supplied all the figures and tables and their captions?

Have all the references been cross-checked to ensure that all references cited in the text appear in the notes and/or bibliography, and vice versa?

Have all permissions that need to be applied for been requested and cleared? Have you included a list of outstanding permission requests?

Are than any acknowledgements to previously published works in the script? If so, are they correct and complete?

Have you included a full title page complete with the book’s full title, the author(s)/editor(s) title(s), name(s) and affiliation(s)?

Have you included a full list of contents?

If you are submitting an edited or contributed work, have you supplied a list of contributors showing their titles, affiliations, positions and qualifications?

Have you supplied, where applicable, a preface, foreword, general introduction, section introductions, list of abbreviations, acknowledgements, dedication, epigraph(s), bibliography, notes, afterword, appendix and chronology?

If you are submitting an edited or contributed work, have you approved the final version of each chapter with the relevant contributor? Are all the chapters in the general style agreed upon with the Press?