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Featured New Release

Jorge Semprún
The Spaniard who Survived the Nazis and Conquered Paris

Soledad Fox Maura


“The most complete possible portrait of an intense and complex life, a voyage through the 20th century seen through the eyes of one of Spain’s most internationally relevant and well-known intellectuals.” Andrés Seoane, June 6, 2016. El Cultural, El Mundo

“This is a very well written biography, thoroughly researched, and both passionate and dispassionate at the same time. Highly recommended.
José María Noguerol, Interviú, September 9, 2016

“With the precision of a surgeon, Soledad Fox Maura . . . brings to life the voice of the unforgettable author of Le grand voyage, and former Minister of Culture.” Josep María Cortés, Alternativas Económicas

“This is an excellent biography that will be of great interest to all those readers who have been fascinated by the life and writing of Jorge Semprún. Soledad Fox Maura writes respectfully, but without shirking the controversial aspects of Semprún’s life. . . . And she brings new facts to light. . . . A good biography is one that transforms its subject into a person made of flesh and blood. The operation may cause certain readers to feel disenchanted. I am sure, however, that for most readers of this biography, the figure of Jorge Semprún will not lose any of its power. What is made clearer than ever is that Semprún had a very difficult life. He risked it on more than one occasion, and he always survived, something which would be unfair to hold against him. He lived intensely, on the front lines of the great upheavals of the European 20th century. And he then had the talent, the intelligence, and the knowledge to turn the ensemble of his books into one of the most accurate chronicles of the period. What would we know about the Europe we have just left behind without the work of Semprún, Koestler, London, and other survivors?”
Agustí Pons, Nuvol, September 26, 2016

“Professor Soledad Fox Maura has published ‘Ida y vuelta. La vida de Jorge Semprún’ (Debate), a biography of the former Spanish politician that aims to ‘humanize’ him and to recover the ‘recognition’ of his figure in Spain, where he was not always well received. . . . The author, a specialist in history and literature of the Spanish Civil War, struck upon her interest in this personality who was ‘an irresistible Pandora’s box’. . . . Fox has interviewed nearly fifty people who knew Semprún, and the book has close to 400 footnotes. The author, who met the politician through mutual acquaintances, says that the book required a ‘total commitment’ on her part, and that she tried to ‘put together the jigsaw puzzle’ of someone who led multiple lives.” Europa Press, Published in La Vanguardia, May 20, 2016

“This biography dives into the secrets and pain of Jorge Semprún. Soledad Fox Maura has published a study that pays special attention to the childhood of the Spanish author and Buchenwald concentration camp survivor . . . His struggle was full of shadows; Fox unveils, diminishes, or disproves them.” Juan Cruz, El País, May 11, 2016

“Soledad Fox Maura’s biography sheds light on the darker corners of this intellectual’s life, and puts words where there was only silence.” Javier Ors, La Razón, May 20, 2016

“After years of research, Soledad Fox Maura has just published Ida y vuelta: La vida de Jorge Semprún (Debate/Penguin Random House), an up-to-date and complete biography of the Spanish writer, politician, and intellectual. Ida y vuelta offers a panoramic vision of Semprún, a complex figure who constantly played at inventing and reinventing himself; first, by becoming ‘Federico Sánchez’, and second, through literature. He turned his life into fiction, and fiction into life.” Anna María Iglesia, El Asombrario, El Público, September 9, 2016

“This biography by Soledad Fox Maura, originally written in English . . . is a vindication of Semprún’s relevance . . . It is also a complement to what he tells in his own books. It fills in the gaps, and contextualizes his own memories.” Sara Barderas, DPA, Sin embargo, Mexico, May 21, 2016

Ida y vuelta. La vida de Jorge Semprún is the is the best biography written about Jorge Semprún. It is by Soledad Fox Maura and was published by Debate.” Julia Sáez-Angulo, Euromundo Global, June 30, 2016

“Soledad Fox Maura’s exhaustive and excellent research—over five years worth—covers the multifaceted and personal experiences of this emblematic protagonist of the 20th century. She raises a number of crucial questions, and offers many answers, all of which are backed up by primary materials, and an objective outlook. She is precise, inspiring, and her prose is fluid and a pleasure to read. A highly recommended volume, packed with exciting and emotionally charged events.” Jorge de Arco, Andalucía Información, September 28, 2016

“Soledad Fox Maura says that when she reads Jorge Semprún she imagines a Humphrey Bogart-like narrator, an inscrutable hero with his trench coat collar turned up. But in real life nobody is like Bogart, not even Semprún . . . Hence this biography.” Luis Alemany, El Mundo, May 22, 2016

“In this biography, Soledad Fox Maura analyzes the life of this intellectual, who was also Minister of Culture, and who ‘loved Spain more than it loved him’.” Manel Manchón, Economía Digital, July 1, 2016

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