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Featured New Release

Jews, Muslims and Jerusalem

Disputes and Dialogues

Moshe Ma’oz, Prof. Emeritus, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been a Visiting Fellow at many universities and research centres, including Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, NYU, and Beijing. He is the author of 20 books and 80 academic articles on the history and politics of Islam, Muslim-Jewish and Arab-Israeli relations. He served as advisor to Israeli PMs and Defense Ministers, and to the IDF Coordinator in the Territories, at the rank of Full Colonel

“The book is concise, comprehensive, instructive and enlightening. I would turn it into mandatory reading at the cadets' course in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the army.”
Rachel Elior, Professor of Jewish Thought, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“This study refashions ingrained stereotypes and scholarly precepts of a monolithic divide of the Muslim-Jewish encounter in modern times, nurtured by polemic traditions and anti-Semitism. The book presents a more complex and diffuse reality of intertwined worlds, denoting intolerance, militancy and conflicts side by side with reconciliation and co-existence. It will be of great interest to historians and social scientists working on interfaith relations and conflict resolution.”
Meir Hatina, Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Moshe Maoz’s book presents an in-depth, comprehensive and thorough historical reading that examines Muslims' relations with Jews and Judaism, and attempts to view these relations in terms of contemporary reality. The book carefully analyzes the trends of religionization that flood the area and warns of its implications. Anyone who is anxious about a religious war and strives to achieve coexistence in the region must read this book.”
Dr. Yusri Khaizran, Shalem College, Jerusalem

“The book is rich in detail and information about every country and every period where Muslim--Jewish relations have had political and other consequences. The author sets out both the positive and negative attitudes of the dominant Muslim majority towards the Jewish minority in a balanced way. It is based on first-hand sources and on the author's many years of research experience and participation in Jewish–Muslim dialogue.”
Professor Menachem Klein, Political Science, Bar-Ilan University

“Herewith a comprehensive and pioneering study on Muslims, Jews and Jerusalem that is based on substantive sources and research. It impartially examines the ambivalence in Muslim–Jewish relations throughout history and in many regions, with an emphasis on the Middle East, and the Holy City of Jerusalem and its Temple Mount and Wailing Wall. Ma'oz is sure-footed as he proposes political and cultural dialogue to solve the Palestinian problem in a spirit of peace and conciliation.”
Professor Emeritus Jacob Landau, Political Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Briefly, yet clearly explaining the religious, political and geographical aspects, this book opens an encyclopedic perspective on the ambivalent relationship between Muslims and Jews throughout history. The question of Jerusalem, the symbolic and earthly center of the actual conflict, seems unsurmountable, but beside the dangers embedded in lack of solution, the book opens a vista to a possible dialogue and agreement.”
Professor Emerita Rachel Milstein, Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

“The great importance of the book is its comprehensive historical account...the relations between Jews and Muslims, and the place of Jerusalem in these relations...a unique contribution is the analysis of the Shi'a and Sunni attitudes to Jews and Israel.”
Itzhak Reiter, Professor and Chair of Israel Studies, Ashkelon Academic College

“The explosive issues of the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem are at the core of the discussion. Prof. Ma'oz examines the range of ideological, political, cultural and religious perceptions regarding the Jewish-Israeli and Arab–Muslim conflict.”
Professor Yehudit Ronen, Department of Political Studies, Academic Chair of The Special External Program, Bar-Ilan University

“Moshe Maoz surprises us again with another excellent book. An heir to Albert Hourani's tradition of meticulous research and analysis, Ma'oz paints a picture of a possible peace between Israelis and Palestinians – a peace that recognizes and respects the other's history and narrative. Further, against the prevalent Islamophobic narrative of Jerusalem, Ma’oz sheds light on the intertwined Muslim–Jewish history of the city. History has lessons for us about who we are, but above all, how we get out of this conflict: as the Biblical and Quranic image of Gog and Magog, or with an image of Muslim–Jewish understanding?”
Professor Camelia Suleiman, Michigan State University

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