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Historians at War

Cold War Influences on Anglo-American Representations of the Spanish Civil War

Dr Darryl Burrowes currently works at Flinders University, Australia. After careers as a history teacher in London, and an educational book-seller in Adelaide, Darryl returned to university in 2011 to embark on a third career as an historian. He was awarded a PhD in 2017.

No event of the twentieth century aroused as much passion as the Spanish Civil War. People felt compelled to take sides, whether for the elected Republican government, or for Franco and the Nationalists who were seeking to overthrow it. It was a conflict which reverberated around the world, persuading many to travel to Spain and to take up arms for their cause. When the war was finally over, its impact was felt in the pages of history books, as historians, too, took sides in forming judgments on the causes of the war and on its legacies. At no stage was this historical legacy of the war more bitterly contested than during the Cold War.

Published in association with the Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies, London School of Economics

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