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Corona Virus update

We are monitoring the situation carefully and actioning Government and WHO advice in the prevention of the virus, at multiple levels, including:

Clear communication to staff with respect to health and hygiene.
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Moving to home working and daily updating.

The significant changes to distributor ordering practices, especially at Amazon, experienced in the early months of 2020, has eased. While book sales and pre-orders are not yet at levels prior to the pandemic outbreak, as of June ordering and distribution is no longer subject to the previously experienced delays.

We shall continue to monitor and take appropriate action under these difficult global circumstances.

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Featured New Release

Ten Myths About the Jews


Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro is Historian and Senior Professor, Department of History, FFLCH, University of São Paulo. She is the Coordinator of LEER (a Studies Laboratory on Ethnicity, Racism and Discrimination) where she has developed the Arqshoah project – a Virtual Archive on the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. She is the author of several books on Intolerance, the Holocaust, Immigration, Jews, Art History and Human Rights. She was the recipient of the Jabuti Award (the Brazilian national literary prize) in 1994, 2004 and 2011.

Tucci Carneiro develops in an orderly fashion the historical investigation of each one of the myths presented, from its origins up to the present, accentuating the fact that the presentation of contradictory truths that prove the falsity of each one of the myths does not affect its impact on large segments of society. Paintings, pamphlets, cartoons and other visual manifestations illustrate the text serve to emphasize and confirm the scope, gravity and delegitimizing force of these myths with respect to the Jews as well as their potential toward promoting anti-Semitic social violence. Ten Myths about Jews is, in this period of history, a necessary reading to unravel not only anti-Semitism but the true nature of racism, which continues to affect so many segments of humanity despite the catastrophic lessons that should have been learned from history.
Mario Sznajder, Professor Emeritus – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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